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Dynafit PDG 2.0 Ski


The classic PDG has been upgraded to Dynafit’s proven 3D carbon construction. With a shape that reminds you of Cho Oyu or Denali skis and graphics that remind you of the color wheel, the Dynafit PDG 2.0 will remind you to go skiing. The new version has the flex tips that help absorb rough patches found in races or training runs. It also had its weight trimmed via removal of some tip and underfoot material. It maintains the dual radius that makes it a versatile carver and the pintail that makes it quick in booting transitions. The new ski is worthy of its new version number.

  • Paulownia wood core is wrapped in carbon / glass laminate for stiffness and torsional rigidity.
  • 3D construction reduces weight by removing material in strategic locations.
  • Electra bases are sintered graphite that is fast and impact resistant.
  • Pintail helps to slide the skin onto a race pack or drive them into snow.
  • Newly available PDG binding offers best-in-class color coordination.
Lengths (cm) 161
convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 1540g
Sidecut   99-65-80
Turn Radius   20m
Skin Fix   Alloy race tips
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Traditional camber
Shape   Dual radius w/ pintail
Construction   3D carbon/glass cap
Core   Paulownia
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing, training
Notes One orange & one blue ski
Bottom Line Cho/Denali platform in a race ski

Questions & Reviews

Question from Patrick
What ski crampons would recommend for this ski with dynfit low tech bindings? Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Patrick, the ATK 75mm crampons work well with race skis.
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Question from Spindogg
Is it true that this ski is heavier than the regular PDG? On this page it has this ski listed as lighter-

What are the main differences between these 2 PDG models?
Answer from jbo
Hi Spindogg, Skintrack uses manufacturer weights, we weigh ours. I just weighed this season's batch for you. Looks like they managed to shave 2-3 ounces over last year and are now less than the original PDG. All our stock is from this season FYI.

The main design difference is in the tip, where Dynafit used the same scoop rocker design found on the Cho/Denali/Dhaulagiri. It's hollowed a bit and more pointy than the square tips on the original.
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Question from Paddy
What are your thoughts on the PDG 2.0 vs the Voile WSP as a superlight, go long, go fast ski for big backcountry missions (the way all you cool guys in the Wasatch seem to use them)? I'm drawn to the WSP's tip rocker, but the PDG's have bigger tips so maybe it doesn't matter? Also I'm a bit above the Voile recommended weight range for the WSP. Any thoughts?
Answer from jbo
Hi Paddy, the PDG 2.0 is new this season so doesn't have a ton of mileage yet, but looks like a good contender. The WSP is easy to ski and has proven relatively durable, even for guys above the recommended weight.
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Model: PDG 2.0

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