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Dynafit Performance 2 Dry Headband


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The, “law of headbands,” while not quite well known, is no less consistent than the laws of gravity or thermodynamics. It states, “those wearing a headband are at least 2% faster than their competitors with all else being equal.” Put another way, wearing a headband makes you faster than your competition. Period. You don’t have to take our word for it, it’s science. So, not to get redundant, but the Performance Dry Headband will, you guessed it, make you faster.* Being made of wind resistant and moisture wicking fabric, it’ll also keep you drier and soften the bite of the wind. Do yourself and us a favor, get the Performance 2 Dry Headband.

  • Moisture wicking fabric pulls moisture away from your forehead.
  • Wind resistant fabric is resilient against wind.
  • Stretch fabric keeps the headband on and comfortable.

*Won’t actually make you faster.

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