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Visors leave your ears exposed, beanies give you terrible hat hair, and ball caps look great but just aren't euro enough. Introducing the sharp looking, no hat-hair giving, euro-style Skimo Co Headband. Wear this stylish yet functional headwear to the grocery store, to church, and to dinner with the in-laws if you want to project the "I'm athletic and outdoorsy, yet in a unique and interesting way" type of look. Don't settle for unstylish functionality, and don't be uncomfortable in the skin track-- look good and feel even better with the Skimo Co Headband.

  • Same performance fabric found in Trab's Gara Aero band.
  • Awesome for racing or wearing under a hood on cold days.
  • Adorned with intertwined Ski Trab and Skimo Co logos.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Country Jim
How wide is this headband? Had a Dynafit one that was pinner. Looking for something wide enough for my big ole forehead. Points for holding the business end of my mullet out of my face too. Hoping for something in the 5-6" range.
Answer from Niko M
Hi Country Jim, it's just about 4.75" wide.
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Allen T (downright abused product)
After purchasing this headband my AeT improved 10%, I got a promotion, discovered my soul mate, and found $20 in my skin suit beacon pocket. If you feel there is something missing from your life, if you feel like you are stuck in a rut and can't get out, this headband may be just what you are looking for.
Reply from Patrick C

Thank you for one of the most entertaining reviews I have read in a while! Might need to pick one up myself if I ever head to Vegas. All the best.
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Taylor M (used product a few times)
Overall really dig the headband for keeping the ears and head warm while giving plenty of room for heat release. I’ve found that sometimes the headband will work it’s way up or down which has either started covering my eyes up front on left my lil ears out in the cold to ice over. Also be aware, as should be expected, if you’re wearing a milimalist helmet your head may get chilly on cold days.
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Centerfold (used product regularly)
After much reluctance, I switched to a headband over a beanie. And I don't know why it took me so long. I only have needed a balaclava style once per year on the coldest days. The rest of the time, the speed of moving is enough to keep you warm and more importantly not overheat. Got to rep Skimo if you live in the 801.
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Scott (used product regularly)
A touch warm for late spring skiing in Utah but man headbands are truly the best thing to ever happen. Ride that euro steeze til you die.
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mbillie1 (downright abused product)
These are legit! They replaced the $25 dynafit headbands for me this season. 50+ days and counting. For the price I picked up a second one. Gotta rep the local shop!
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