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Edelrid Pure Screw Carabiner

No Longer Carry

As one of the lightest screw gate carabiners around, the Pure Screw from Edelrid is an ideal choice for light and fast ski mountaineering. Smooth gate action and excellent build strength make it useful for many chores. Connect your belay device, ascender, personal anchor, or whatever else with the Pure Screw.

  • Keylock closure makes it easy to clip and unclip in a hurry.
  • Strength comes from H-Profile design that minimizes material while staying firm.
  • Fully EN 12275 & EN 362 certified.
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Dimensions   100mm x 58mm
Specs Verified Weight only
Gate Style Straight Screw
Major Axis Strength 23 kN
Minor Axis Strength 8 kN
Open Gate Strength 8 kN
Materials   Aluminum Alloy
Skimo Co Says
Usage Vertical activities where weight and safety are both top priorities
Notes Easy to operate with gloves
Bottom Line Bomber construction and easy to use in all conditions
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Model: Pure Screw

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