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Edelrid Skimmer Pro Dry 7.1mm


The Edelrid Skimmer Pro Dry was seemingly made for ski-alpinism. Barely heavier than a rap cord, the 7.1 line is certified as a both a twin and double rope. The Skimmer is treated with Edelrid Pro Dry, meaning it won’t gain water weight when you drag it through snow. The result is a rope great for glacier travel, rappels, and quick pitches in a pinch.

  • Durable water and dirt resistance with Pro Dry finish.
  • Ultralight construction with a thin 7.1mm diameter.
  • Thermo Shield treatment offers great handling.
  • Rated for 5 and 18 falls as a half and twin rope.
Grams per Meter 36g/m
convert to ounces
2360g [60m]
Length 30m
Sidecut   7.1mm
Strength Half: 6.1 kN
Twin: 10.0 kN
Specs Verified Yes
Rope Style Half, twin
UIAA Fall Rating Half: 5
Twin: 18
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ultralight ski-alpinism, ice routes, glacier travel
Notes Light, won't absorb water, and handles great
Bottom Line The lightest half rope on the market
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Questions & Reviews

Curly (used product regularly)
First, this rope is mind-bogglingly skinny. 7.1 is tiny and the fact that it's rated as a half or twin is even more impressive. However, the only reason to buy a skinny rope is to save weight. This rope is 36g/m which is very light but the much cheaper 8mm beal rando is 37g/m and much cheaper. As a glacier rope, something fatter but as light (like the rando) is preferable in my opinion and won't entrench as far into the lip of a crevasse. As a dedicated pair for alpine ice, this rope will be hard or impossible to beat. Check that your belay device will work with this rope or double up on belay biners for extra friction!
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Model: Skimmer Pro Dry 7.1mm

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