Skimo Co





5' 11"


155 lbs

Shoe Size

US 9.75

Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:

25 - 50 days / year


My Skiing

backcountry only, lifelong skier

My Gear

tlt6p cr, dynaevo, scott superguide 88 (w/ alpinists), voile objective (w/atk trofeo 10s), fischer alpattack (w/ atk SL World Cup Evo),

Recent Posts

I spin the heel before longer climbs so I have easy access to flat and steeper risers. The difference between the middle riser (flap over pins) and high riser (flap with the heel piece spun) is negligible so this seems to work well for me. There is a spot for a leash, same as the Dynafit Superlight toes. You'll need a leash with a soft loop such as the marker leash or plum leash.
There were so many reports of the previous model of these breaking and this new model doesn't seem much heavier. Are they stronger in front of the toe piece where everyone broke the old model?
I am a huge fan of these bindings. They are rebranded ATK World Cup SL Evo's (which is the version I have). They're a competitive race weight and are far more confidence inspiring than any other binding at this weight that I have tried. The heels are mind-bogglingly light, but very solid (I love this release mechanism). The toes are works of art. The roller ball that works in the lockout is super smooth and fast for racing. These bindings are fast. Quick to step in, get out of, and fast skiing, a great race...
Attache's are the standard now it would seem, however, these are not perfect. If you lock the gate which the biner is weighted then you will be stuck as it won't unscrew. I would steer clear on the biner! It could get you stranded and there are lots of other great options out there now (grivel, or bd vapor lock). Fit and finish is great but the sticky lock is a fatal flaw (pun intended)...
First, this rope is mind-bogglingly skinny. 7.1 is tiny and the fact that it's rated as a half or twin is even more impressive. However, the only reason to buy a skinny rope is to save weight. This rope is 36g/m which is very light but the much cheaper 8mm beal rando is 37g/m and much cheaper. As a glacier rope, something fatter but as light (like the rando) is preferable in my opinion and won't entrench as far into the lip of a crevasse. As a dedicated pair for alpine ice, this rope will be hard or impossi...

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