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It’s about time there was a major innovation in climbing skins. The Fischer Profoil skins look and feel nothing like what you might be used to. Instead of being make of countless fibers shorn from the back of real or synthetic animals, these new skins are simple sheets of scaled plastic. With climbing ability similar to typical kit and gliding ability beyond, these skins are worth a test. You will be rewarded when you come to your first shallow creek-crossing, and realize you don’t need to de-skin since your climbing aids are waterproof. The skins are currently available in pre-cut models for various Fischer skis. They are nice and light (~230g for Transalp 80 170) and have Fischer Z hook tips (for the skis with tip holes such as Transalps).

  • Crown Glide offers a low coefficient of friction; good technique will be rewarded.
  • Crown Grip is a special scale pattern that offers purchase in various snow conditions.
  • The skins fold down flat so they easily fit in your pack or skin pockets.
  • Completely waterproof grip side prevents water-related issues like glomming.
  • Fischer claims your stride will be lengthened by 20% just because.

Update 2019/20: Fischer updated the Profoils to be more flexible and no longer require the use of backing material in the field. No more downsides!

Questions & Reviews

Question from juraj
Any chance these may fit or may be cut to fi a splitboard?
Answer from Nate
Hi Juraj, due to the difference in shape between splitboard vs skis it's not likely that they will fit. Cutting these scales near the edges will compromise the grip. I wouldn't recommend it.
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Question from Christopher W
Fischer has said they are not intended to be trimmed, they can only be bought to-fit, IIRC. Do you see any major barrier to trimming these? Think we'll see any on the race course this year?
Answer from jbo
Hi Chris, the angled scales near the edges are important for climbing. A race cut would lop most or all of those off and the grip would be compromised. I'm sure someone will try though :)
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