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Fischer Transalp 90 Carbon Ski


The Transalp 90 Carbon ski is the widest offering in Fischer's popular Transalp line, with added Carbon Tex technology to decrease tip chatter, as well as an updated profile to improve skinning and turning. With a moderate sidecut, this Transalp model features a wider and more rockered tip that Fischer is calling 'tour rocker'. This added rocker leads to a slightly more playful turn initiation while still maintaining the lively, stable, and poppy Fischer 'feel'. As a bonus, your tips will stay above the snow when you're breaking trail because the other guys "just aren't feelin' it today". Standard in all Fischer Transalp skis is the AirTec technology-- channels within the wood core which save weight along the whole length of the ski. The updated Transalp is perfectly tailored for your typical day in the backcountry-- light, stable, and skiable. It's also dang fun on those uphill resort laps.

  • With updated shaping and more tip rocker, the Transalp 90 is more playful and intuitive.
  • AirTec technology saves weight and makes for a lighter ski that still has that powerful Fischer feel.
  • With a 19m turn radius [176], the Transalp 90 has the shaping and the stability to charge on harder snow.
  • Skins clip easily into a notch on the tip, making for a seamless and integrated skin attachment system.
Lengths (cm) 155, 162, 169, 176, 183
convert to ounces
1170g [162]
1215g [169]
1285g [176]
Weight (pair) 2340g [162]
2430g [169]
2570g [176]
Sidecut   123-87-106 [162]
124-88-107 [169]
125-89-108 [176]
Turn Radius   17m [162]
18m [169]
19m [176]
Skin Fix   Z-hook tip, standard tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Tour rocker (~250mm) with camber underneath
Shape   Round tip, tapered square tail
Construction   Wood core, ABS sidewalls, Sandwich Construction, Aero shaped
Core   Paulownia Core, Air Tec Ti
Skimo Co Says
Usage All around touring
Notes Carbon Tex technology makes a light tough ski
Bottom Line Solid, stable ski with easy going personality
Compare to other Mid-fat Skis

Questions & Reviews

Question from Tony
Can you tell me how these skis compare to the Woman's Voile Hyper Vector. (I have the men's in a 171cm which I love and I'm looking at the 164cm women's model for my wife.)
Answer from Tim
Hey Tony,
I would say that this ski will have just a bit more "pop" and is a bit more lively edge to edge than the Hyper Vector. It has a very "Fischer" like feel to it, meaning that once you load them up they really like to pop back and get into the next turn.
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Cayce Cullinan (downright abused product)
I love these skis! Super light, poppy, amazing in hardpack, surprisingly good in powder, carve like race skis, they really can do it all. I picked up a set of these skis specifically for springtime couloir skiing in the Rocky's, however, after skiing them a few times, I started noticing myself reaching for them for everything but the deepest days; I even started skiing them at the resort, as my all-day mogul run skis, finding that their svelte weight allowed my 42 year old body to keep up with my buddy's teenager, and his buddies, for (most of) the day. I will note that due to the light weight of these skis, they do struggle a bit in refrozen crud, but to be totally honest, I don't like skiing crud, so I typically avoid those days, problem solved.

Type III
Hoji ProTour

Thanks to JPM for setting up a good review format!
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Question from frede
Hi gang!
What does the Fischer Transalp 90 in 162cm weigh?
Answer from Jeff
Fred, a pair of 162cm came out at 2350 grams.
Answer from frede
Cest le même poid que les hannibal 96 en 162cm
Answer from Jeff
Oui Frede, I just weighed a Hannibal 96 and got 2330g. The Transalp Carbon is a stiffer ski, so I suppose that is why it is a bit heavier.
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JPM (used product a few times)
Weight - 150 lbs

Skier type - II/III

Length - 176cm

Boots - Fischer Travers Carbon

Compared to the Fischer Hannibal (which was described by Skimo Co as a powder-hunting, ice-carving powerhouse), the Fischer Transalp 90C has a rather nonchalant attitude when in the same conditions. A very fun, easy turning ski.
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Model: Transalp 90 Carbon

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