Skimo Co





5' 6"


150 lbs

Shoe Size

US 9.50

Skier Type

Type II - Moderate

Ski Frequency:

50 - 99 days / year

My Skiing

Light touch, enjoy skinning up and out as much as the skiing down. Kneeologist warned me to knock off high impact activities so my resort skiing will be limited.

My Gear

Fischer Hannibal 106, 171cm, G3 Zed 12.
Fischer Hannibal 96, 176cm, G3 Zed 12.
Fischer Transalp 92 CTI Pro, 176cm, G3 Zed 12
Fischer Transalp 90C, 176cm Carbon, G3 Zed 12.
Fischer Transalp 82C, 169cm Carbon G3 Zed 12.

Fischer Travers CS
Tecnica Zero G Peak Carbon

Recent Posts

Height 5' 6" Weight 150 lbs Hannibal 106, 171 cm G3 Zed/leashes Boot Fischer Travers Carbon Sole 27.5 w/Palau Power Lt Liners I went with the 171 cm length at the recommendation of Skimo which, has payed off while ascending steeper terrain. On the descent, the skis are quiet on wind impacted surfaces, carve easily when put on edge and float well in light snow. It is an easy ski to turn in all conditions and I would recommend this ski to anyone looking for a wider ski.
Thanks Teddy. I pulled the trigger on the 171's. I have a pair of Travers CS's.
I am thinking about these to compliment a pair of 176 cm Hannibal 96's Skimo put me on in 2018. The 96's do everything well however, every once in a while I get into lower angle with heavier, deeper snow and wonder if the 106's would have made skiing it easier. Or maybe I should learn to ski? A waist of 106mm is the maximum width my knees can occasionally handle. My dimensions are Sixty-seven inches tall and weigh 150 lbs. Not an aggressive skier unless being chased by a bear or moose and I'm behind a sl...
The sensation I get when comparing this boot (Carbon Cuff) to my Travers Carbon's (now the backup boot) is, when skiing the Hannibal 96's, the skis feel much wider, float even better and controlling and maintaining speed is a simpler task. When on the Travers 90 Carbons, and the cuff is snugged up more so than when skiing the Hannibal's, the skis float pretty dang well in deep snow, bust through crud and hold an edge on very firm surfaces. Am I nuts or am I just learning how to ski? I hope It's learning ...
Thanks for recommending these for my narrower pair of touring skis. The Free Pro 2.0 have the same great grip and glide of S-Glides but pack much smaller.

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