Height:5' 6"
Weight:150 lbs
Shoe Size:US 9.50
Skier Type:Type II - Moderate
Ski Frequency:50 - 99 days / year
My Skiing

Light touch, enjoy skinning up and out as much as the skiing down. Kneeologist warned me to knock off high impact activities so my resort skiing will be limited.

My Gear

K2 Annex 108, 177 cm, Fritschi Evo 12
Elan Ripstick 106, 174, Fritschi Tecton for those rare to be resort days and lift serviced slackcountry.
Fischer TranAlp 88, 177cm, G3 Ion LT, for those days when I am wondering how all these people got on my planet.
Fischer Hannibal, 176cm, G3 Zed. go-to ski.

Scott Longfiber
Fischer Travers Carbon

Recent Posts

Weight - 150 lbs Skier type - II/III Length - 176cm Boots - Fischer Travers Carbon Compared to the Fischer Hannibal (which was described by Skimo Co as a powder-hunting, ice-carving powerhouse), the Fischer Transalp 90C has a rather nonchalant attitude when in the same conditions. A very fun, easy turning ski.
Teddy, Thanks for recommending the S Glides for the Hannibal's. As stated in the User's Guide the skins came alive after 1,000 meters or so of ascent. Wicked fast.
Skier Weight 150lbs System Zed/leashes Ski Fischer Hannibal 176cm Boot Fischer Traverse Carbon Skiing Speed Moderate I held off skiing the Hannibal/Zed's on a regular basis until we got more snow in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Lately, they have been the ski of choice and the Zed has performed very well. Today, I drove across a deep slash luge run type mogul and flexed the ski to a point that the heel released vertically or maybe I decelerated fast enough to trip the release. No face plant and the toe remai...
Follow up to 11.02.18 review. Favorite Kits with this boot, Fischer Hannibal (2019) 176cm/G3 Zed/leashes Fischer Transalp 88 (2018) 177cm/G3 Ion LT/leashes Skimoco type, Transitional, touring faster, going out farther, taking fewer breaks and seeking steeper lines. To date this season, I have ascended more than 34,000 feet and have near 140,000 feet on the down in these boots. Ok, I admit it, I ride the chair to ski with the commander (my wife). Coming from a 120 "flex" freeride boot as...
Height 5'6" Weight 150 lbs Ski Hannibal 176 cm, G3 Zed/leashes Boot Fischer Travers Carbon Skimoco Type, breaking out of Type II, flirting with Type III when my wife isn't looking. Thanks to the description of this ski by Skimo, at home in snow and able to hold an edge without crying uncle, I figured it would be worth a try. For the first tour on this kit, myself and (we'll call him Dave) skinned up to Point Supreme and dropped in. The snow had been tracked out two days earlier but pretty much filled in ...

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