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G3 Alpinist LT Mohair Skins


G3 took its lightweight (LT) backing material and affixed some supple mohair. Turns out lightweight mohair is just up our alley! These are nice skins that use the G3 Alpinist connection system, with reliable metal tip grabbers and a long reaching tail strap. The 100% mohair provides a smooth glide that is great for long approaches, fitness skinning, and lapping powder. The energy savings on the up translates into a better ride on the down, when you have fresher legs. The G3 Alpinist LT Mohair skins are reliable and friendly companions, just like all Canadians.

  • Thin, lightweight backing is very packable so doesn’t take up much room.
  • Lower profile stainless steel hands fit most skis and reduce tip catch.
  • Tail straps are stretchy with a big range for fitting a wide range of skis.
  • Sleek mohair fibers are tops in glide and grip pretty darn well too.

Questions & Reviews

Question from dub_xion
So I've got some 184cm-long x 112mm-waist full-rocker skis; right in between sizes in the 115mm skins. Which length would you recommend? I'm leaning towards the 168-184cm length to save a little weight. Mostly these'll be used for lapping and sidecountry.
Answer from jbo
Hi dub_xion, these have really long tail straps so if you're on the shorter end of the size range the skins are almost race length. I'd go longer with these. We're happy to double check the fit as well...Wailers?
Answer from dub_xion
V-Werks Katanas... just checked the L's out with someone else's skins, L will definitely work the best. Thx!
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Question from lance j
I'm looking for a new pair of skins for my Sportiva RST 2.0 (167) for the coming season. Considering these and the Contour Guide Mohair. Hoping you can compare and contrast the weight/bulk/grip/glide of these two sets for me.

Answer from jbo
Hi Lance, the LTs are thinner, lighter, yet stiffer. The Guide mohair folds more nicely and has better glide.
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Model: Alpinist LT Mohair

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