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Save yourself the effort of trimming skins by tricking out your Hagan skis with some functional and stylish precut climbing skins. These 65% mohair / 35% nylon blend skins offer a great combination of grip, glide, and durability while sporting unique color-designs. With tip and tail attachments that work flawlessly in the notches on non-race Hagans, these custom tailored skis give you the perfect edge exposure along the full length of your skis.

  • Pre-cut to the specific sidecut of Hagan skis with a couple millimeters of edge exposure.
  • Made with the ratio of 65% mohair to 35% nylon for an optimum blend of traction and glide.
  • Dynafit-style tip and tail attachments pop on and off your skis quickly.
  • Cool patterns add a little flavor to the bottom of your skis.
  • Junior length skins for the Ride Jr skis are colored green.

Note the tip attachments for the "Ultra" and "Y" series skis (Ultra 76, Y-Drive, Y-Flow, Y-Boost, Y-King) are rubber rip sticks. These slot into the tip notch and are designed to be ripped off from there. The tail is a simple metal clasp.

For the Ultra skis, also see the mohair version.

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Model: Precut Climbing Skin

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