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What do mountains, diamonds, and your pitch to your significant other to let you buy one more pair of skis have in common? They're all masterpieces, and masterpieces take time to craft. Julbo spent 10 years developing the REACTIV lens technology, and it turned out fantastically well. The Julbo Aero is the high-performance optic of choice for mountain athletes the world over. No frame or lens detail was overlooked. The lens sits on adjustable nose pieces and is suspended within the frame to create a small gap perfectly sized for massive amounts of ventilation even at low speeds. The wrapping lens combats distortion and ensures crystal clear protection from the elements. The 3D Fit Nose piece and Air Link temple provide vibration dampening performance so bouncy sunglasses during jump turns are a thing of the past. Plus, at a meager 32g, you’ll forget you’re even wearing them. Julbo took their time while making the Aero so you don't have to-- after all, that pow isn't gonna ski itself.

  • REACTIV Photochromatic lens will work in darkness and is a great choice for low light conditions but will work in sunlight as well.
  • Zebra Light Photochromic lens transitions from a rose color that is clear enough to be worn during alpine starts to a dark reflective lens.
  • A wide field of vision lets you see approaching bears while providing consistent UV and wind coverage all the way around.
  • Panoramic lens eliminates awkward angles when trying to zip up your jacket, stuff skins into a pocket, or land a front flip.
  • Grip Tech inserts on the adjustable nose pieces help the glasses stay put.

Update 2019/20: Julbo introduced their REACTIV lenses, which ensure faster transition times between light conditions. See the charts (included in the product images) for a comprehensive Julbo lens feature list.

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Questions & Reviews

max S (used product regularly)
My previous sunglasses, in humid days when I'd stop to fiddle with my pack they'd fog up as if hit by spray paint. which is fine because once I bent down to open my pack the glasses fall off and I could see again.

These are the exact opposite of that.
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Pete (downright abused product)
I use these for everything, Mtbing, skiing, running, etc. I'm not entirely sure what the difference between these and the aerolites is, tired a pair on and they seemed virtually identical. I have an average sized head and they fit well, don't bounce off, or slide off when looking down.

The lenses scratch easily, so they need to be stored in the case but that goes without saying for most eye-wear.
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Stano at SkinTrack (downright abused product)
I have been using these for a year now for all my activities - ski mountaineering, running, hiking, cycling, etc - and have been very happy. The zebra light lens transitions with changing light conditions quite fast.
They are probably too large for small (women) faces but otherwise they should fit well.
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