Height:5' 9"
Weight:145 lbs
Shoe Size:US 9.25
Skier Type:Type III - Aggressive
Ski Frequency:25 - 50 days / year
My Skiing

Light and fast is best

My Gear

Dynafit Carbonio w/ Plum Race 150

Movement Alp Tracks 84 w/ Plum Race 150

Ski Trab GA WC w/ PG U77

Merelli Mlimited w/ ATK SL Evo

La Sportiva Vapor Nano w/ LTR

Alien RS

Alien 3.0

Recent Posts

Do you know the model of the Karpos softshell pant that has full side zips?
Do these have full side zips? i.e. zip on and off w/o taking off boots?
These are excellent if you live close to a hardware store, and work well with hand tools. Otherwise steer clear. Very high quality machining on the part of Aski, and work with all toes that are 30mm wide.
Cool idea, and significantly cheaper than other cuben race packs available. This is not the same pack that Ferrino makes, and Crazy Idea rebrands. Unlike those the section with Kohla, and the logo printed on it is not cuben, but instead nylon. This actually works pretty well, because cuben seems to be fairly delicate to slicing, something ski edges do when carried on the pack. I'm not a huge fan of the wrap-around ski carry as opposed to the classic hook, but I suppose that's personal preference. The pa...
Crampon receptors: They do the job, when ATK had crampon receptors permanently attached it only came at a 4 gram penalty, yet these weight 16g a piece. Dropped a star because these should not cost as much as they do. Another note, while the aluminum of the receptors is the classic high quality alloy that ATK uses, the screws are not. The heads twist off all too easily, be careful when installing and removing.

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