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Kohla's Green Line Skin and Ski Base Cleaner is a must-have solution for those who make good use of their equipment. Mr. Clean would be first in line for this do-it-all magical solution. Every snowflake starts with a particle of dirt, so yeah, skins and ski bases are inevitably going to build up a nice layer of muck over the course of a few tours. Tidy it all up with Kohla's Skin and Ski Base Cleaner solution that is built to clean both ski bases as well as skins. The phrase "Green Line" implies it will also wash away your guilt for having harmed the environment in the past as it's Euro-and-enviro-approved!

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Aaron Clark
Does this clean and restore the skin glue? or just the mohair?
Answer from Cole P
Hello Aaron, the Kohla Green Line skin & ski base cleaner will clean the plush of your skins and not the glue. Also as the name suggests, also cleans the bases of your skis.
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Model: Green Line Skin & Ski Base Cleaner MPN: 1655V UPC: 9120074259676

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