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Kohla is an innovator when it comes to climbing skins. Aside from their new Smart Glue adhesive, they make a bunch of functional attachments. Find an assortment of such Kohla parts below, all sold in pairs.

Rubber Tips – Dynafit-style rubber tips for race skis and other skis with tip notches. Poke a hole in your skin material, push the tip through, fold the skin over the metal bar, and rivet.

Z-Hook Set - Metal clip for adapting Kohla skins to skis with a tip hole.

PVC Kit – PVC strips and hammer rivets. Fold the PVC over some bails or T-Bars and hammer them onto a length of skin.

Tip Bracket T-Bar - Replacement metal bar for use with Kohla tip assemblies. It could also be sewn or riveted directly to a skin.

Multi Clip Tail Straps - Easy to use, elastic strap attachment provides a secure fit for the tail of your ski. Works with K-Clip and Butterfly Twin-Tail Clip.

K-Clips - The tail clip fixes to the elastic Multi Clip Tail Straps to ensure a tight and secure adjustment to your skis.

Butterfly Twin-Tip/Splitboard Tail Clips - Tail clips for use on rounded tails. To be used in conjunction with the Multi Clip Tail Straps.

Stretch Lock Tail Attachments - Simple metal tail clips that mount onto the Multi Clip Tail Straps. Good for skis that don't fit the K-Clips.

Tail Clip Kit – Simple metal tail clips that combine with elastic tips (e.g. race bungees) to make a skin that rips off from the front. Comes with rivets.

Smart Glue Transfer Tape - Roll of Smart Glue adhesive for reapplication of glue on Kohla skins. Enough for a pair of skins at 4m long, 130mm wide.

Hot Melt Glue Transfer Tape - Standard Hot Melt Glue for reapplication of glue on Kohla skins. Sold per centimeter, 130mm wide.

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Questions & Reviews

Steve S (used product a few times)
Nothing like a shiny re-glued Kohla skin! My circa-2021 skin glue had evaporated but the skins were in great shape. Skimo steered me to this iron-on glue renew and it worked great! Easy to use system and now the skins are good to go. I followed both the written instructions and Kohla video online.
Comment on this review:

Question from Darcy MacGillivray
Hi there!

I have a Korua splitboard, which came with Korua Mixmohair skins, made by Kohla.
I want to renew the glue, so I am trying to figure out which Kohla glue formula my skins have, Smart Glue or Hotmelt Glue, in order to choose which transfer tape to buy.

Or does it even matter which type, or even what brand I use, as mostly all the old glue product gets removed when regluing?

I would prefer to use a tape that's wider than 130 as my skins are about 135. Does Kohla make, or do you guys carry another brand that makes, a wider transfer tape?


, Darcy ,
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Darcy, it will depend on which glue formula your skins have. I can't seem to find which glue Korua is using on their skins from Kohla, so I would reach out to them and clarify.

If they have Kohla's Smart Glue, you must use the Kohla Smart Glue Transfer Tape from this page. Other glues won't stick to the backing.

If the glue is Hot Melt, you may use any old glue. For a wider version than Kohla's 130mm here, Contour makes a 140mm wide transfer tape, found on the Contour Skin Parts page.
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Question from Jake
I lost a tail clip off of my Fischer Profoil skins. In your initial picture for Kohla Skin Parts, I lost the metal tail clip shown there. I don't see it represented in any of the other picures. Is it a K-Clip? Anyway, I'd like to order a couple of those metal tail clips. See photo.
Answer from jbo
Hi Jake, Kohla stopped making that tail clip. You may have to switch out the whole tail strap.
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Question from Brad Hisgen
I have a 2022 lib tech split orca and g3 grip skins. the clip on the tail does not fit well and i would rather not dremel into the board if i dont have to. I was looking at your butterfly twin tip tail clips. Would those work? If so, do I also need to purchase the tail straps.
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Brad. While we can't say for certain (due to us not having your splitboard), the butterfly twin tip tail could certainly work. If you do decide to go this route you'll need to get the tail straps as well.
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Question from Kyle Amstadter
My Dynafit Speedskin tip just broke and I'm looking for a replacement. The Dynafit tips are out of stock. Are these the same dimensions as the Dynafit tips?
Answer from Jeff
Kyle, yes, they are the same.
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Question from Luke
Do you sell the tail straps for these? I had one break, have extra tail clips but need to purchase a new set of the straps with the metal claws.
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Luke,

We do not currently have any adjustable Kohla tail straps in stock. However, we have plenty of options from other brands. Personally, I am a fan of the Contour Adjustable Tailclip Set, which can be found under our Contour Skin Parts listing. If you have further questions on a tail strap repair, feel free to reach out to!
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Question from Mark Burzynski
I lost the tail clip from a Volkl V-Werks Katana Vacuum climbing skin. (simple plastic piece that the tail strap runs through to adjust with a cam-over tensioning action). Any idea where I could find replacements? I have come up empty looking at Volkl sites.

Answer from Tristan M
Hi Mark,

Send us an email to with a photo of the tail strap that still has a clip, and we are happy to brainstorm solutions from there!
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Question from Mal
How wide of a tail strap can the k-clip accommodate? I have volkl v werks skins, tail strap = 15 mm. How wide is the outer width? Thanks.
One more question: do you sell cleaner for vacuum skins?
Answer from eric
Mal- The strap is 20mm wide that used on kohla skins with the K-clip. We do not have vacuum skin cleaner.
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Question from Brad
This image is of the tip of a Volkl Nunataq. The hole is about 2 cm by 1.25 cm (.75 in by .5 in). I'm trying to devise a tip attachment system that would work. Do you think the Kohla rubber tips might work for these ? If not, have any other ideas? The tip is quite wide. I'd prefer not to use a wide rectangular bar. Thanks
Answer from TSB
Hey Brad, you could definitely try a rubber tip, though it may drag on the snow a bit due to lack of rocker in the Nunataq tip. You could also consider trying the Z-hooks utilized on Fischer-branded skins.
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Question from Brad
How wide is the riveted part of the tail clip? Thanks.
Answer from Patrick C
The tail clip is 48mm wide. Hope that helps!

Patrick // Skimo Co
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