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Kohla Skin Parts

Brand: Kohla
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Kohla is an innovator when it comes to climbing skins. Aside from their new vacuum adhesive system, they make a bunch of functional attachments. Find an assortment of such Kohla parts below, all sold in pairs.

Rubber Tips – Dynafit-style rubber tips for fitting in notches of race skis and other skis with notches. Poke a hole in your skin material, push the tip through, fold the skin over the metal bar, and rivet.

Cobra Tip Kit – Unique metal bails with plastic ski tip receptors that come with PVC strips and hammer rivets. Fold the PVC over the bails and hammer them onto a length of skin. Bails are 65mm wide.

Tail Clip Kit – Simple metal clips that combine with elastic tips (e.g. race bungees) to make a skin that rips off from the front. Comes with rivets.

I-Hook Tail Kit – Adjustable tail clips with secure metal clips that slide up and down. Kit includes a hard plastic template for punching holes and basic skin rivets. The template doubles as an ice scraper for your skis.

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