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Kohla is an innovator when it comes to climbing skins. Aside from their new Smart Glue adhesive, they make a bunch of functional attachments. Find an assortment of such Kohla parts below, all sold in pairs.

Rubber Tips – Dynafit-style rubber tips for race skis and other skis with tip notches. Poke a hole in your skin material, push the tip through, fold the skin over the metal bar, and rivet.

PVC Kit – PVC strips and hammer rivets. Fold the PVC over some bails or T-Bars and hammer them onto a length of skin.

Tip Bracket T-Bar - Replacement metal bar for use with Kohla tip assemblies. It could also be sewn or riveted directly to a skin.

Multi Clip Tail Straps - Easy to use, elastic strap attachment provides a secure fit for the tail of your ski. Works with K-Clip and Butterfly Twin-Tail Clip.

K-Clips - The tail clip fixes to the elastic Multi Clip Tail Straps to ensure a tight and secure adjustment to your skis.

Butterfly Twin-Tip/Splitboard Tail Clips - Tail clips for use on rounded tails. To be used in conjunction with the Multi Clip Tail Straps.

Stretch Lock Tail Attachments - Simple metal tail clips that mount onto the Multi Clip Tail Straps. Good for skis that don't fit the K-Clips.

Tail Clip Kit – Simple metal tail clips that combine with elastic tips (e.g. race bungees) to make a skin that rips off from the front. Comes with rivets.

Smart Glue Transfer Tape - Roll of Smart Glue adhesive for reapplication of glue on Kohla skins. Enough for a pair of skins at 4m long, 135mm wide.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Mal
How wide of a tail strap can the k-clip accommodate? I have volkl v werks skins, tail strap = 15 mm. How wide is the outer width? Thanks.
One more question: do you sell cleaner for vacuum skins?
Answer from eric
Mal- The strap is 20mm wide that used on kohla skins with the K-clip. We do not have vacuum skin cleaner.
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Question from Brad
This image is of the tip of a Volkl Nunataq. The hole is about 2 cm by 1.25 cm (.75 in by .5 in). I'm trying to devise a tip attachment system that would work. Do you think the Kohla rubber tips might work for these ? If not, have any other ideas? The tip is quite wide. I'd prefer not to use a wide rectangular bar. Thanks
Answer from TSB
Hey Brad, you could definitely try a rubber tip, though it may drag on the snow a bit due to lack of rocker in the Nunataq tip. You could also consider trying the Z-hooks utilized on Fischer-branded skins.
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Question from Brad
How wide is the riveted part of the tail clip? Thanks.
Answer from Patrick C
The tail clip is 48mm wide. Hope that helps!

Patrick // Skimo Co
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