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Cole P

Cole P




6' 2"


200 lbs

Shoe Size

US 11.50

Skier Type

Type III+ - Expert

Ski Frequency:

100+ days / year

My Skiing

Aspiring La Grave Resident

My Gear

K2 Wayback 106, Dyanfit Radical Pros, Atomic Backland Pure.

Recent Posts

Hey Robert, the 102mm ski crampons will work best with your Pagoda Tour 100. I don't see the 102mm option available but we do have Black Diamond Helio Ski Crampon at that 108mm width, which is not ideal but will work.
Hey Zander, thanks for the support we really appreciate it. First, the Pintech ski crampon will be the best fit for the crampon receptors but both the ATK and Dynafit ski crampons are compatible with the Marker Alpinist. Second, you will want to go with crampons that are closer to the ski width so when you are mid-stride they won't collide.
Hey Brian, the Transalp Pro will be a better fit for you. The Radical Pro boot is a wide, voluminous fit whereas the Fischer will be a lower volume and narrower fit with a tighter heel pocket.
Hey Mike, thanks for the questions. I would say out of the boots that you listed the La Sportiva Stratos will be the narrowest out of the bunch, followed by the Alien 4.0. The Alien 4.0 is solidly in the medium to narrow category of boots. On the 2 finger fit note, in race boots we are looking for one finger able to fit behind your heel when your toes are just touching the front of the boot with no liner. For a standard touring boot with thicker liner, 2 stacked fingers behind the heel is ideal. If you have...
Hi Jaysun, You'll want the 140mm x 175-190cm, which we unfortunately do not have in stock at the moment, though we are expecting more soon. If you shoot us an email at, we can set you up to receive an email as soon as they arrive.

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