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Kohla Vertical Mix Skin - Women

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Sick of skin glue that's just too sticky? Kohla developed their Smart Glue to make skin management much easier for backcountry users. With the Vertical Mix Women’s skin, Kohla has purpose-built an easy-to-manage skin in convenient lengths for shorter skis. The Smart Glue is easy to pull apart and reliable down to -22°F. Keeping water from contaminating the skin glue is the waterproof rubber Fiber Seal technology; this makes the skin dependable even in wet Spring conditions. Utilizing a mohair-nylon mix, the Vertical Women’s finds a nice balance between grip and glide while ensuring durability. If you value a pleasant backcountry experience, Kohla Vertical Mix Women’s skins are for you. They even come in pale pink.

  • Mohair mix combines nylon and mohair into a well-rounded, durable skin.
  • Rubber Fiber Seal Technology is 100% waterproof to protect your glue in wet conditions.
  • Smart Glue works down to -22°F and is easy to pull off skis in any condition.
  • K-clip tail attachment is secure and with plenty of elasticity.
  • 85mm stainless steel tip attachment fits most ski tips.
  • 120mm width is easily trimmed to fit your touring skis.
  • High-precision laser cut finish ensures crisp edges.
  • Made in Austria without the use of solvents.

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Model: W's Vertical Series

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