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Outfit your Kong helmet with bells and whistles. Or more appropriately, ear pads and liners. Look here for Kong helmet accessories.

Kosmos Ear Pads – Warmth and protection for your listeners. Available in white and black to match the helmet colors, these pads pop into place so you can have both winter and summer modes. With the dual-certification nature of the Kosmos helmet, you can also use this as an alpine skiing helmet with the ear pads installed.

Questions & Reviews

Raymond H (downright abused product)
I bought these Ear pads for my Kosmos helmet, as I found my ears got cold, even with a Buff covering them. With a thin skull cap, to wear under the helmet, and these Ear pads, I am now comfortable in even the coldest weather. The helmet sits a bit higher, with the ear pads, if I carry it on my backpack, as the ear pads don't fold flat in the helmet.
Only drawback, once you insert these Ear pad tabs into your helmet, you can't remove them for warmer days. Maybe trimming the locking tabs first would let one remove them for warmer days...
Reply from Nigel D
Actually you can remove these Ear Pads. I saw a Kong product photo that showed the ear pad and the helmet connector as two pieces. So I looked closely. There is a triangle in the middle at the top - locks the ear pad to the helmet part. Pull down on this triangle. Slide the ear pad forward - there is a stop on the rear side.
I had to do this with the left side - it clicked into the helmet. The right side seems to just slip in and out.|
Also Skimo is the place to buy them - it seems that sellers on a certain auction site are selling them singularly, not as a pair. So one spends twice as much and it's a toss-up if you will get a true pair, or two of a kind.
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