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Kong Kosmos Helmet


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The Kong Kosmos helmet might be our new favorite multi-purpose helmet (since most of our "ski" helmets are actually climbing helmets). While it's not the lightest around (385g for a S/M) it certainly has the functional know-how to back up the beef. The adjustment strap sits really low on your noggin' and provides a secure wrap all the way around your head. A single button operates the chin strap for on the spot customization even with cold hands. The vents on the Kong are what make it unique. 2 small openings near the front of the helmet collect moving air and direct it along the surface of the helmet until it reaches a larger internal vent where it is then circulated down to your head and out the back. The covers protect the vents from snow, pine needles, dandruff, and bugs, while still circulating air through the helmet.

  • Dual CE and UIAA Certifications for downhill skiing and climbing.
  • Ratcheting shoe buckle style chin strap is easy to operate with one hand.
  • Polycarbonate shell minimizes rotational forces caused during a fall or rock strike.
  • Secure front and rear headlamp clips securely clip your headlamp in the front and rear.
  • Dressing like King Kong while wearing this helmet will cause a black hole.
convert to ounces
382g [S/M]
452g [L/XL]
Certifications CE 1077 (alpine skiing)
EN 12492 (climbing)
Specs Verified Yes
Materials Polycarbonate with a carbon finish.
Skimo Co Says
Usage You name it.
Notes Low riding adjustment strap makes for an impressively secure fit.
Bottom Line A surprising blend of fit, weight, ventilation, and Italian-ness for a great price.
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Brad
I wear a 7 1/4 hat size. That puts my head size at the upper limit of the S/M size. Should I go with that or the L/XL size?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Brad, you are really close to being in between sizes but I would say you would want to potentially stick with the S/M size. You still have at least a bit of room going from your hat size to Kong's size chart which should be enough room for a thin hat.
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Question from Kelsey
Which UIAA ratings/certifications does this helmet hold?
Answer from Jeff
Mark, the certifications are above in the specs. And they conform to the new FISI 2017/18 regulations for ski mountaineering competitions.
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Question from Mark
Re: goggle/headlamp clips follow up

Looks like the clips are the plastic hardware screwed into the helmet above and slightly behind the ears, and that the goggle/headlamp strap slides into hardware through slit near back--Correct? Is it easy to get goggle/headlamp strap into the clips while wearing the helmet and with mittens/gloves on?
Answer from TSB
Hi Mark, that's correct about the headlamp-holding hardware (alliteration unintended). I wouldn't say the Kong is particularly well-designed for mitten-wearers, you might want to pre-affix your headlamp before going on such polar excursions.
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Question from Mark
How does this helmet secure ski goggles? Is there hardware to hold the goggle strap in the back...like a ski helmet?
Answer from Jeff
Mark, there is. There are 2 clips more to the corners to hold the google or headlamp strap extra secure.
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Question from Bill
Does the Kong Kosmos come with the removable ear pads?
Answer from Patrick C

The Kong does not come with removable ear pads, but you can purchase the Kong Kosmos Ear Pads
separately. Hope this helps you stay both warm and safe!
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Question from lars strong
I have a 60cm head with a ridge down the middle. Many helmets ride high. Also chin straps tend to cut into my throat if I cant adjust the chin strap location along the ear loops.

Can the chin strap location be adjusted?
Is there a goggle retention clip on the back? I see some sort of clip on the front.

Answer from Nate
Hi Lars, this helmet has a nice system for adjusting the chin strap location. The headlamp clips on either side of the back of the helmet also work quite well for securing a goggle strap.
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Nate (downright abused product)
I was initially attracted to the Kosmos for its triple certification. If it is burly enough to pass all three certifications, then it must provide more protection over a typical climbing helmet, right?

The Kosmos has been a burly companion from the dead of winter, all the way through spring and into the summer mountaineering season. It is one of the best fitting, most comfortable helmets that I’ve ever worn (for any sport).

It is ventilated enough to wear uphill in place of a beanie without overheating on all but the warmest of days. The head cradle is quick to get situated and sits nice and low on the back of my skull. I appreciate this because in the case of a fall, it’s low enough that I don’t worry about it getting pinched between the shell of the helmet and my skull, which would really hurt. The sizing adjustment dial is quick to use, and provides a wide range. I can size it down to fit over my bare head, or dial it up to fit nicely over a ball cap and hood or buff combo.

The biggest downside of the Kosmos is its weight. When the level of protection is considered it's quite a light helmet, but it is still a fair bit heftier than single certification climbing helmets. On the biggest of days when I’m feeling every gram of extra weight, I find myself considering a climbing helmet in place of the Kong. A few times I’ve tried lighter helmets on only to realize that while lighter, they aren’t as comfortable and don’t “disappear” on my head like the Kosmos. For that reason, I’ll continue to stick with this helmet into the future.
Reply from Raymond H
I like this helmet too. Instant head band sizing, with the rotating dial at rear, when I put a thin cap under the helmet for colder days. Lots of adjustment with ratcheting chin strap for neck warmers/extra layers. Carries a head lamp, when you have to ski out in the dark ! (I tested this) .
Only problem for me was sometimes , ears got cold, skiing in Vermont. So I bought the ear pad accessories. Problem solved. But once you install the ear pads, they can't be removed (easily), and helmet is a bit bulkier.
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