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La Sportiva RST 2.0 Ski


The venerable RST gets an update. Moving to version 2.0 for many of its products, La Sportiva wishes to re-announce its lineup. The new matte topsheet and Powercap 2.0 construction gives the RST a new look and feel. The designers also managed to shave a bit of weight in the process. Under the hood, the 2.0 features a vertically laminated Karuba wood core wrapped in a tri-directional carbon/glass laminate. This provides a relatively stiff, yet lively ride that is confidence inspiring in the steeps. The RST has a wider tip for decent float in the powder while sporting positive camber throughout, securely gripping firm snow. The RST’s reputation as a classic mountaineering ski is reinforced with flat tails that can be used to isolate blocks and stand as temporary anchors. We’re glad Sportiva is keeping the RST alive and well with the 2.0.

  • P-Tex 4000 is harder than the previous version, adding even more durability to a ski known for it.
  • Double nylon topsheet (0.35mm) has a new matte texture while retaining its nick-resistance.
  • LW-Powercap 2.0 construction shaves a bit of weight while keeping the ski icy-couloir worthy.
  • Karuba wood core is vertically laminated to provide a good flex while directing energy to the edges.
  • Tri-directional carbon fiber and glass fiber laminate wraps the core for good torsional rigidity.
  • A second layer of bi-directional and tri-axial carbon & glass fiber further enhances the performance.
  • Rubber tail reinforcements on the flat tail let you cut snow without worry of splintering on a rock.
  • 1.9mm steel edges with a rubber laminate can take a licking and keep on ticking.
  • FSC/PEFC certified to be friendly to the environment without the use of toxic adhesives.
Lengths (cm) 157, 167, 177
convert to ounces
1090g [157]
1170g [167]
1285g [177]
Weight (pair) 2180g [157]
2340g [167]
2570g [177]
Sidecut   116-77-106
Turn Radius   16m [157]
17m [167]
18m [177]
Skin Fix   Round tip, flat notched tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   100% camber with longer tip and flat tail
Shape   Generous sidecut with squarish tail
Construction   LW-Powercap 2.0 with multiple laminates
Core   Karuba Paulownia wood
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski mountaineering
Notes Hard p-tex & edges for durability
Bottom Line Workhorse ski at a great price
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Questions & Reviews

lance j (used product regularly)
I have the RST 2.0 set up with Dynafit Superlight 2.0 bindings. Together the combo weighs 1203g and 1209g per ski. While I haven't been on race skis, I've spend a fair bit of time on some of Dynafit's narrower touring skis like the 7Summits and Nanga Parabat - to me the RST is a smoother ski that will handle more marginal conditions better - slush, chop, refrozen, breakable crust. In fact unless you are skiing steep ice (where you would want less of a sidecut - even though the edge hold on these skis is excellent - due to the amount of bowing of the ski to gain underfoot purchase), ripping GS turns on hardback, or deeper than ankle-deep powder this ski is extremely capable and just a lot of fun.

It's a flexible, but lively ski with a fair amount of sidecut - so if you are like me and like to make lots of turns, then this is a great choice. Set the edge deep and you can carve extremely tight turns. Tip the edge over just a hair and you can gently arc long open turns. As you get into moguls and more featured terrain the RST readily deforms to keep things smooth, but has excellent return to keep the energy going and pop you out of each turn.

The ski really responds to skier input in a way that accentuates your movements without any noticeable resistance. Coming down from the Movement Shift, which you really have to drive to get the most out of it, the RST has been an exceptional amount of fun - you can sit back and cruise; you can go up and down all day (this setup is almost 700g per foot less than my Shift/Speed Radical setup); you can run the trees; you can really drive it and in the process feel what straining your smile muscles feels like.

To me, this is a ski that makes someone with solid technique feel like a better skier. It is capable and eminently playful. For those who like a longer radiused ski, this probably isn't your pick. But it's a capable backcountry and mountaineering ski with a lot to offer and is definitely worth considering.
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Model: RST 2.0

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