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Perveyor of some of the finest and most reputable alpine boots on the planet, Lange is crossing over into the touring world with great success! Since 1948 Lange has been a leader in innovation starting with the first plastic reinforced alpine boot. Through modern times the brand continues to be at the forefront of technology and revolutionary engineering.

Lange XT3 Tour Pro Boot
You’ve earned it. The new Lange XT3 Tour is the perfect companion for missions where you truly earn your turns. You woke up while the roosters were still fast asleep, tucked cozily into their flannel sheets. You were the first to the trailhead, braving th..
$799.95 $499.95
Lange XT3 Tour Pro Boot - Women
The Lange XT3 Tour Pro boot is designed for those who want alpine-level performance in the backcountry. Using Lange’s Dual Core technology, multiple layers of plastic help drive your skis while absorbing vibration you might find on those not-so-perfect da..
$699.95 $449.95
Lange XT3 Tour 2.0 MV 130 Boot
When Lange introduced the XT3 Tour Pro, their devoted fanbase wept tears of joy that finally, they could get the same "Lange" fit, but in a backcountry-specific boot. With the XT3 Tour 2.0 MV 130, Lange is keeping the same great performance and fit as its..

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