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When Lange introduced the XT3 Tour Pro, their devoted fanbase wept tears of joy that finally, they could get the same "Lange" fit, but in a backcountry-specific boot. With the XT3 Tour 2.0 MV 130, Lange is keeping the same great performance and fit as its forbear but with slightly less weight. The strategic weight loss took place in a few ways: First, the XT3 Tour 2.0 uses a new Vibram sole that is slightly thinner than the original, though rest assured, it is still ISO 9523 compliant and provides excellent traction on slippery surfaces. Second, they swapped the more traditional buckles for ones that utilize metal cable, which has been shown by a multitude of boots in the freeride category to be quite durable, especially when considering their weight.

Similar to other Lange boots, XT3 Tour 2.0 utilizes a Dual-Core Grilamid shell, which is tuned to create an energetic and damp ride. The ski/walk mechanism is easy to use while the Active Power V-Lock creates a stout ski interface, helping you arc high speed turns down the apron with confidence. The 53° range of motion and rockered Vibram sole help ease the suffering on the uphill and allow you to move efficiently.

Whether you have the classic "Lange foot" or are just a fan of high-performance boots, the XT3 Tour 2.0 MV 130 is sure to please.

  • Same great fit as the XT3 Tour Pro.
  • Dual-Core Grilamid Shell is damp, light, and robust.
  • Vibram sole provides excellent traction on icy booters and is ISO 9523 compliant.
  • Cable buckles help to keep the weight down without compromising durability.
  • 53° range of motion and Friction Free Hinges help you ascend comfortably and efficiently.
  • 40mm power strap allows you to snug the cuff down for aggressive descents.
convert to ounces
1463g [27.5]
Weight (pair) 2926g [27.5]
Buckles   4 + Power Strap
Boot Sole Length   283mm [24.5]
293mm [25.5]
303mm [26.5]
313mm [27.5]
323mm [28.5]
Binding Compatibility   Tech, Hybrid, ISO 9523
Cuff Rotation   53°
Forward Lean(s)   12°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Grilamid shell, Lyfran cuff
Liner   Core Custom 1Touring Liner
Sole   Vibram Rocker Sole
Skimo Co Says
Usage Free touring, ski touring
Notes Friction Free Hinge reduces friction between the cuff and shell
Bottom Line Lange took a great boot and made it better
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Kirill
Hi there, just bought these boots online, since none of the NZ retailers stock them. How do you mold the stock liners in the shop, blower or oven, and how hot/long? And what is the best way to mold them at home (if there's any) if needed? Thanks!
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Kirill,

We use a heat molding oven, roughly 5-7 minutes of heating, but mostly gauge the temp by when the liner starts to feel soft/floppy. You don't want to overcook it, just going until the tongue starts to flop down/it feels pliable. For home molding, you could use your oven, but Intuition also has a great  home fitting guide and we sell their  fit kits.
Answer this question:

lance j (used product regularly)
For the last three years I skied the Tecnica ZeroG Pro Tour boot. The yellow version. The weight is good for a beef boot, and the downhill performance is solid, though there is zero progressiveness to the flex. Uphill it was horrible. I thought about getting out the dremmel and trying to mod it to loosen up the walk, but instead decided sell the Tecnicas and try a different boot.

A friend works for Lange and really pushed me to give their boots a try - which I never did when I worked for Rossi.

After trying on a lot of boots from a lot of manufacturers, I settled on the XT3 - 130 LV. I have a 97 and 95mm width at the ball of my super-narrow feet, so the LV was perfect. I molded them and also molded a pair of lighter touring liners from Palau that I had hanging around.

I spent the last month of 22/23 season in these and glacier time as well. The difference between these and the ZeroG was massive. They made me relearn how to ski well - things that I could get away with having bad technique and muscling through with the stiff and immediate ZeroG boot didn't work in the XT3. The result was that I was forced to return to being a better skier, and when I did, it helped all over - piste, big spring lines, and icy glaciers.

They don't walk like my old Atomic Backland Carbons, but they are far better than the ZeroG. I thought the little flick-lever for the ski/walk mode would be worse than the double-lock bar from Tecnica, but that wasn't the case. No icing, no problems (and much better than my only other experience with a hidden walkl/ski system which was in the La Sportiva Spector 2.0).

It would be great if these boots walked even better and were lighter. I'm going to give Loïs (my friend) a hard time about getting Lange to make something that takes the best of the XT3 and puts it in a form more similar to the Backland XTD or Fisher TransAlp. But, for a big mountain boot, there is nothing that I've skied that is close. Now I get why Sam Anthamatten and a lot of other big mountain skiers choose them.
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