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Durable, lightweight, trustworthy. Think of the Mammut 240 Short as the "Sting" to your Bilbo Baggins. This trusty sidekick is made with high-quality aluminum and features an effective telescopic locking tension system. The drop-shaped tip adds to the probe’s efficacy in penetrating compressed snow. When you are up against a dense debris pile, these features give you the confidence that your weapon will stay true and perform in those crucial moments after the crown rips. It may not have a "Speedlock" system, but what this probe lacks in quickness, it makes up for in sturdiness. The 240 Short will agree with almost any pack you pair it with, boasting a collapsed length of 38cm and weighing in at 245g. So take on that next adventure with courage, knowing you have the Mammut 240 Short in your pack.

  • Telescopic locking tensioning system is reliable and effective when you need it.
  • The drop-shaped tip makes for efficient penetration in solid avalanche debris.
  • Tensioning cord has a high tensile strength to maximize stability.
  • 240cm gives you just under 8 feet of reach when probing for an avalanche victim.
  • 7 lightweight and sturdy 11mm diameter aluminum segments that collapse into a short, packable cover.
  • Carry case has a step-by-step emergency plan printed onto it.
  • Scale marking on the side of the probe to measure victim depth and digging snow pits.
Lengths (cm) 240
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Collapsed Length   38cm
Sections 7
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Aluminum shaft
Skimo Co Says
Usage Backcountry, touring
Notes Sturdy, reliable telescopic locking tensioning system
Bottom Line Efficient, sturdy, packable
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Model: Probe 240 Short

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