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Hydrogel Technology is kind of a Maurten thing if you know what I mean. Actually, you probably have no idea what we're talking about. Let's start with their drink mix; providing either 160 or 320 calories per package, this stuff will send carbohydrates to your system like Hall of Fame basketball player Karl Malone (aka "The Mailman"'s a Utah thing). So, how does Hydrogel Technology actually work? The carbs turn into hydrogel when they start to mix and mingle with the acids in your stomach, encapsulating the carbohydrates like Houdini in a straitjacket. This process allows for a more efficient and less disruptive delivery through your stomach and onto your intestines. This process also helps with absorption and delivery of needed energy to your body. To increase this delightful experience, this mix is flavorless so no complaining about odd aftertastes that hang out in your mouth like that last guest that just won't leave your house party. All in all, Hydrogel Technology is ready to help you PR when you try out some Maurten drink mix.

160 - Contains 40g of carbohydrates, mix with 500ml of water for a refreshing 160 calories.

320 - Doubled to 80g of carbohydrates, but you can mix with the same 500ml of H2O.

320 Caffeine - Contains 80g of carbohydrates and 100mg of caffeine. As always, mix with 500ml of your favorite water.

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