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We all hate some flavors: perhaps for you, it's coconut, cilantro, or dill. Not to worry if your palette is sensitive, Maurten's Gel just happens to be flavorless. Created for anyone who wants to perform at their best, these flavorless wonders are next level - packing some scientific revelations from Hydrogel Technology. This walk-on-water nutritional equivalent has carbohydrates that are encapsulated when they waltz into your body. The specialized hydrogels saunter right through your stomach to avoid any gastrointestinal distress. When the carbs hit your intestines, they are quickly absorbed without causing a fuss. All the energy your body needs is passed to the right place in the perfect form - a biopolymer matrix of fructose and glucose. If you need some more pop to get to the top of the skin track, choose the "Caf" version that contains the equivalent of 1.5 servings of espresso. Crank all day and night with Maurten's gels.

100 - Surprise to none, this gel contains 100 calories from 25g of carbohydrates. Just six simple ingredients and no allergens.

160 - One ready-to-eat serving of GEL 160 (kcal) contains 40 grams of carbohydrates.

100 Caf 100 - Contains 100 calories from 25g of fructose/glucose gel plus 100mg of caffeine.

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