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Only Merelli could one-up Merelli. The MLimited ski is built with the same platform as the MZero, only this time with the highest quality carbon fiber available. The lighter weight fiber allowed Merelli to achieve the same strength with less weight and a softer flex. Note we said softer, not soft, as this ski is designed to hold an edge in the nastiest of conditions. The high modulus carbon fiber is shaped into skeleton that provides a very precise and stable ride. Already the most popular Merelli ski, the MLimited is a bit more forgiving and appropriate for a range of skill levels. Come race day you won’t be limited by the MLimited.

  • Monocoque structure provides strength from the skin, like the body of an F1.
  • Bases are laminated with a thin layer of P-Tex 5000 for speed and robustness.
  • Available in a standard 160cm length or a 166cm for touring and Grand Tours.
  • Made in Italy, probably the most passionate skiing country.
Lengths (cm) 160, 166
convert to ounces
645g [160]
670g [166]
Weight (pair) 1290g [160]
1340g [166]
Sidecut   97-65-79
Turn Radius   23m [160]
26m [166]
Skin Fix   Race tip notch
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Traditional camber
Shape   Fairly standard race
Construction   Aeronautical carbon layup, monocoque skeleton
Core   Carbon & foam
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing
Notes Strength comes from skin
Bottom Line Super light race ski
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Questions & Reviews

Big Mike (used product a few times)
Recently upgraded my race setup to these Mlimited skis, which Merelli now calls the "hybrid" construction. They must be referring to a hybrid of carbon and awesome! Paired with a PG full carbon boot and trab titan binders; this is one light yet powerful race setup. As one of the larger humans in the spandex skiing world I went with the 166cm length. While the extreme lightness of these skis is quickly apparent, the performance is what really shines. These skis railed groomers, staying stable way beyond their expected speed limit. Soft snow, easy; but even chop, the Merelli's performed better than most other tooth picks I've slid on. I really like the wide shovel (for race dimensions) and traditional shaped ski, it provided all the grip I want with a shape that was intuitive to ski. Top level performance for large racers, your choices are the stiffer Gara Aero's or these Merelli's. All considered you get amazing performance and value from these Mlimited skis. Make that upgrade and hop on the Italian beauty you've been dreaming of.
Reply from Big Mike
"Stiffer Gara Aero's" should read 70 flex. I'm not commenting that the Aero's are stiffer than the Merelli. They both feel sufficiently stiff and supportive for large, aggressive skiing.
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Pete (used product a few times)
Used for one race, paired with the new ATK SL Evos and Alien 3.0s. Previously using Fischer Alpattacks, my goodness these ski so much better, not chattery despite the fact that they're purely carbon and foam. I'm not sure why, because the weights between the two are very similar, but the Mlimiteds feel much better on the skintrack as well, possibly a more traditional cambered shape, or a balanced weight throughout the ski. There is some seriously high quality carbon in this ski that no one else is using, if you look into Merelli's production processing they know composites, and understand that quality vs. cheap carbon results in a much better ski.
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Model: MLimited

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