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Movement’s skis are admirable performers in dangerous terrain. But without the proper skin to get you there, said terrain is even more dangerous. Colltex’s track record and favoritism among alpinists made Movement’s choice of skin-manufacturer simple. The Mohair Mix skins are are a good blend of grip, glide, and durability in the high mountains. Sold in one length of 190cm, the four width options allow you to fine-tine your grip/glide ratio based on your waist-width. Adjust the tail strap, cut to length, attach the tip, trim the edges, and the 65/35 Mohair Mix skins will do the rest.

  • Sturdy wire-tip buckles attach easily and are there for the long run.
  • Camlock+ tail attachments are adjustable and won’t let you down.
  • Trim to your hearts content, Edge+ technology resists fraying.
  • 100% Dry waterproof barrier is sandwiched between the glue and the plush.
  • Based on Colltex Mohair Mix skins.

* Note these are trim-to-fit kits, look here for precut skins to match Movement skis.

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Model: Mohair Mix Cut-to-Fit

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