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Ready-to-go skins precut for Movement skis, complete with simple attachments and a cool apple logo. The Extreme Camlock skins cut for Alp Tracks and X-models are 100% mohair, while most of the rest of the skins (e.g. Vertex, Apex, Session) are mohair-mix. The Race Pro models are an even faster race formula. All are full coverage and carved to match the sidecut of the skis. The Movement skins feature a simple metal tip-bail and an adjustable Camlock tail clip for ease of operation. The glue is some of the strongest on the market, so you won't have a problem with the skins sticking to your skis. The Movement precut skins are a fast and reliable way to the top.

  • Unique weaving of a precise length of fiber nap ensures maximum grip.
  • Colltex Edge+ material prevents fraying along the edges of the skin.
  • Impregnated with water repellent to improve glide and prevent ice-clogging.
  • Light construction, hollow mohair, and impermeability make these skins perform at all temperatures.
  • Climbing and gliding performance regularly tested by the Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research (SLF) in Davos.
  • Includes protective netting (cheat sheets) to be used for long term storage or even on tours.
  • Comes with a carry bag with Movement branding.

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Questions & Reviews

Ben (used product a few times)
The plush on these is a nice blend of grip and glide and the attachments are nice, but echoing the other reviews the glue is just too sticky. It is difficult to rip from the ski, most of my other skins take a couple gentle tugs while these feel more like tug-of-war to get them off the skis. They are also difficult to rip apart when stored glue-to-glue. Perhaps rolling them up in the field might work better.
Reply from Ben
I want to update this review - I have now used these skins on maybe 8 tours and the glue is no longer overly sticky, now its just right. Works well even in very wet conditions. These skins are also very light and have excellent tip and tail attachments. 5 stars!!
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Joey Wilson (used product a few times)
Terrible glue! Basically impossible to separate the skins from themselves at 20-30 degree temperature, after first run. The glue was so locked this morning, I ripped my skimo gloves and broke my bungees on my notch tips after pulling so hard. Avoid the frustration.

Plush was fine. Glide and grip was adequate. That's the only reason I'm rating two stars instead of one.
Reply from jbo
Hi Joey, these kits aren't a great candidate for conversion into a bungee-tip system. If you want to store them glue to glue (against the recommendation of Colltex), the trick is to drop them in snow before you start! You can also use the G3 Love Gloves.
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mbillie1 (used product a few times)
Not sure if I just got lucky or what? I picked up a pair for the Powderkeg (Session-X shape) and raced em with no issues whatsoever. The glue seems just right, I had no problems separating them from my skis or from themselves. They have great grip. We'll see about wet once the warmer temps hit, but so far I'm a fan. Anything to avoid DIY-tip-attachment style skins, where no matter how good a job you do, snow ends up building up under the tip... they pack pretty well too. And the price is right!!
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TSB (used product regularly)
These skins remind me of much of the telemark equipment I was using ten years ago: functional for the most part, but with obvious problems in use. In the case of these Movement-rebranded Colltex skins, they're cut nicely (good to see a long taper), have fast plush, and pack down small. However, they have by far the worst glue I've ever used (ultra sticky, hard-to-rip compound that blobbed up quickly), absorb water with extreme speed, have started to fray at the edges after only 30ish days of use on my Session X's, and that tail attachment has caused me more grief than I care to admit.

The glue, especially, is so bad that I'm considering sending them to a shop to get torched and scraped clean, then apply a new coat of Gold Label myself. This is after 30 days of touring and diligent skin saver use. Meanwhile, a pair of BD MoMix skins I got sometime around the Financial Crisis are still going strong. In short... these are the only product I've ever gotten from SkimoCo that I would not recommend to another buyer. Back to Pomoca for me.
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Andy (used product regularly)
I bought these with my Vertex-X skis. They are nice: glide well; very light; very compact when stored for the pack. But they are strange in that they absorb a lot of water and get downright wet along the edges and will ice up there; my son's Session-X precuts do they same. So I bought a pair of G3 Alpinist Scala skins for the wet spring and summer and used them today--GREAT glide, no ice or snow buildup, and pretty light.
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Mark E (used product regularly)
I second the comments above. Movement got everything wrong about these skins but the Coltex. The tip attachment is unnecessarily heavy. The glue leaves me sweating and swearing at the bottom of every lap trying to separate the skins from themselves. The tail attachment system is obnoxious and underfunctional. There's zero elasticity in the tails, and the "cam" clips seem designed to slide only one way—the wrong way. After accidentally ripping a clip off multiple times in the last week while trying to separate my skins from themselves (I'm amazed I found it in the snow both times) I drilled through and put screws through each of the tails today, which I'm expecting to reduce future frustration.

That said, the Coltext is fast and durable. As much as these skins annoy me, I'll probably but another set next year when these ones finally wear out.
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David S. (used product regularly)
I have the precut Alp Tracks 84 version and have had good luck with them so far. I read the Coltex directions in the box with the skins (not something I normally do) and it was not recommended to stick the skins together after use. The recommended technique was to roll the skin back on itself.. It works wonderfully. No excessive sticking and struggles pulling them apart. You accumulate a little green fuzz in the glue which also helps. Give rolling a try you might like it. I use the sheets to store them at home after drying.
Reply from jbo
Hi David, while that can help dampen the stickiness, it's actually not standard procedure with these. That recommendation is for the "ct40" formula which is a non-glue adhesive. These use standard hot-melt glue and can be stuck glue-to-glue. Best bet for initial dampening is to drop them in the snow, glue side down, before application.
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Stephen P. (used product regularly)
This review is for the session x version that is full mohair and pulls from the tail, I now have about 20 days of experience with them. Where to start with these, overall they are a disaster. But I will begrudgingly give them 2 stars rather than one because they are pretty close to being ok. First off the glue is the stickiest substance on earth to the point that I cannot separate them myself at the bottom of the run. This is compounded by the fact that the tail clip can be ripped off completely from the strap while trying to pull these apart. Luckily the clip is black and red and I have been able to locate it each of the 3 times it has been flung into a snowbank while trying to pull the skins apart. The day will soon come when I am not so lucky.The clip itself does work well and cams nicely to the ski I will say. But it does not stay in place at all so you must slide it around each time to fit it to the ski which is simply nuts.

Back to the glue, while sticky glue is a good thing typically this stuff is simply way too sticky and despite extreme care on my part, a years worth of debris is already embedded in my glue which causes me extreme feelings of self loathing for my carelessness. The glue simply does not strike the same balance as Pomoca between adhesion to your ski base and cohesion to itself when folded up. If I didn't know how much better this balance could be achieved perhaps I would not notice it as much, but I do and im sure people buying this high end skin already have used Pomoca as well. Additionally as a result of this insane cohesion I have to ski around with the skin savers and look like an idiot failing to apply them to my skins in the wind further pushing me into the dark spiral of depression that this winter has become.

Despite the depression and self flagellation resulting from the glue problems the mohair itself is pretty damn good. It took a little while to break in about 12 days but now is getting faster and faster, I will wax them soon and im sure they will be quite speedy. I have a pair of skins branded as marker that I believe is the same Coltex formula and they WERE by far the fastest non race skins I have used. I say "were" because they literally ripped in half lengthwise because they were so hopelessly stuck together due to their psychotic glue. Anyway hopefully the speed I gain due to the excellent mohair will make up for the time I spend digging in the snow for my tail clips or begging bystanders to help me pull my skins apart during transitions...

If Coltex can make the cam stay on the strap and tone down the glue for those of us not leaving our skins out in northern Canada overnight they will have a winner here. Until them I would not waste your money despite the advantages of them being precut for the insanely awesome Movement Session-X ski.
Reply from jbo
Hi Stephen, we have replacement straps that are a bit thicker than stock which should help stop the cam from sliding. Also putting a rivet through the end will prevent losing it. Agreed the glue can be sticky out of the box; I often drop mine in the snow to tame them before they break in (same with other sticky skins such as BD and Kohla). This doesn't cause any self-loathing and is actually somewhat therapeutic. I've seen others use a skin sock for storage which seems to work well despite the taunting you may endure.
Reply from johnee
If you want to talk about how to pull these skins apart, you can find me in the gym working on my guns at the ATC. They (the skins, not the guns) are fast and light and compact. I have these on Movement Alp 100s, which I love without exception. I want to love the skins as much as the skis, but I am with Stephen P. If I were to be scientific about it, I would say there's just too much surface area for too much stick'em for a fat ski. Maybe they're great on skinny race skis. Since these skins are thin (and wide), they will even fold and stick together on the long axis! Especially if you try to avoid grabbing the buckle so that the buckle doesn't slip off. That folding bit is particularly disheartening when you are wearing gloves. My current strategy is to also carry the skin savers. On a bad (windy) day, I'll just roll the skins from tip to tail. The male elders will tell you that this is a no-no, but it saves some brain damage. I added bumpers so that the tail piece does not slide off the tails of the Movements, but it's an ugly fix for a beautiful ski. With Dynafit precut skins, I take great pride in my speedy transitions. Now I am also fighting the dark spiral.
Reply from johnee
I have pulled out of the spiral: 1. BD skin tape. 2. A rivet (or nut and bolt) clean through the buckle. Good enough.
Reply from johnee
The Alp 100s have neither a rounded tail nor a flat tail. It's round-ish. (The 94's have a square tail, so the tail attacment works better.) So, for the 100's I have replaced the the entire Colltex tail with the Voile tail attachment. I recommend the wide tail clip even though Voile recommends narrow for the 100. This is not the whole story. There is a third (nuclear) option I can explain if you have an hour. Look at the photo (yes, I actually drilled a hole in my skis).
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Question from Kurt
Would the Big Fish X 168 fit the Gold Fish X same lenght?
Answer from jbo
Hi Kurt, it is a little wider so you'd need to trim the edges.
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Question from Thomas
Do these skins the same waterproof membrane that the other Coltex skins have? If so how do they compare for spring travels with other skins in terms of glop?
Answer from jbo
Hi Thomas, yes they have the same membrane. The water-proofing works reasonably well as compared to others, but no skin will completely eliminate glop (even the plastic fischer skins). Best to carry a chunk of wax on those spring transition days.
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Jonathan S (used product regularly)
Overall: Five Stars for a rebranded Colltex climbing skin with typical Euro momix glide and atypically strong glue, well worth considering even for other than Movement skis … which is especially valuable since the pre-cut Movement-specific versions will not be available for the 2014-15. Fortunately, the trim-to-fit version is now available, so see my complete review at the listing for Colltex Mohair Mix Skins.
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Nate (used product a few times)
I purchased these as a package with my new Response-X ski and have only used them once. The glue is much stickier than dynafit brand skins, but not quite the level of BD. It was an easy skinning day without any icy tracks, but I never lost grip unless I was really pushing the angle. I have never been a fan of the adjustable tail release (I much prefer a bungee at the tip, easier to get off) so that's the only thing I'd change. Time will tell if they hold up (I've never been one to practice good skin hygiene), but so far they are sticking great. And it's super easy to add gold-label as needed.
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