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Movement Precut Skins

Brand: Movement
Model: 100% Extreme
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Ready-to-go skins precut for Movement skis, complete with simple attachments and a cool apple logo. The Extreme Camlock skins cut for most models are 100% mohair, while the Fish-X skis (Gold & Big) feature an even faster race formula. All are full coverage and carved to match the sidecut of the skis. And except for the race skins which are ripped off with a tip cord, the Movement skins feature a simple metal tip bail and an adjustable Camlock tail clip for ease of operation. Best of all the skins come in fun colors to match your skis!

  • Unique weaving of a precise length of fiber nap ensures maximum grip.
  • Colltex Edge+ material prevents fraying along the edges of the skin.
  • Impregnated with water repellent to improve glide and prevent ice-clogging.
  • Light construction, hollow mohair, and impermeability make these skins perform at all temperatures.
  • Climbing and gliding performance regularly tested by the Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research (SLF) in Davos.
Question from Kurt
Would the Big Fish X 168 fit the Gold Fish X same lenght?
Answer from jbo
Hi Kurt, it is a little wider so you'd need to trim the edges.
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Question from Thomas
Do these skins the same waterproof membrane that the other Coltex skins have? If so how do they compare for spring travels with other skins in terms of glop?
Answer from jbo
Hi Thomas, yes they have the same membrane. The water-proofing works reasonably well as compared to others, but no skin will completely eliminate glop (even the plastic fischer skins). Best to carry a chunk of wax on those spring transition days.
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by Jonathan S (used product regularly)
Overall: Five Stars for a rebranded Colltex climbing skin with typical Euro momix glide and atypically strong glue, well worth considering even for other than Movement skis … which is especially valuable since the pre-cut Movement-specific versions will not be available for the 2014-15. Fortunately, the trim-to-fit version is now available, so see my complete review at the listing for Colltex Mohair Mix Skins.
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by Nate (used product a few times)
I purchased these as a package with my new Response-X ski and have only used them once. The glue is much stickier than dynafit brand skins, but not quite the level of BD. It was an easy skinning day without any icy tracks, but I never lost grip unless I was really pushing the angle. I have never been a fan of the adjustable tail release (I much prefer a bungee at the tip, easier to get off) so that's the only thing I'd change. Time will tell if they hold up (I've never been one to practice good skin hygiene), but so far they are sticking great. And it's super easy to add gold-label as needed.
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