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If you’re looking to ascend a rope, Petzl’s got your back! The Ascension is an aptly named ascender that will quickly have you at the top looking for the fastest way down. With a wide, glove-friendly hand-slot and an ergonomically molded grip, you will not lose your grasp even on the coldest days. The toothed cam provides great grip and is self-cleaning to work with dirty or icy ropes. With its light weight and quick operation, it’s the perfect ascender for technical skimo races and other high intensity adventures.

  • Color coded left and right hands.
  • Compatible with 8-13mm ropes.
  • Aluminum body ensures lightweight strength.
  • Molded rubber grip is graspable with gloves.
  • Wide lower hole accepts all carabiners.
  • Safety catch integrated to prevent snagging.
  • Certified to CE EN 567 and UIAA standards.
  • 166g per side, verified.

NOTE: If choosing one ascender for a skimo race, go with your dominant hand.

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Centerfold (used product regularly)
Great tool when used in the right application. If you are hauling, bug walling or caving it’s a must. But for Skimo there are lighter tools that can be used to jug up a wall with a microtaxion, grigri, shunt, prussick, etc. if you need it for a specific objective though this is the tool for hand ascenders. Tried and true.
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Model: Ascension

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