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To reach those obscure peaks, the distant couloirs, and the reverently spoken-of far away glaciers, you'll need some rad gear. The folks down at Petzl have been churning out high-quality gear since before any of us here at Skimo Co snapped into our first infant-sized spandex race suits, and they have verifiably perfected the art of making truly rad gear. The astonishingly light Petzl RAD LINE 6mm (Rescue And Descent) was created to be used for glacier travel and crevasse rescue** when a matter of grams decides whether you succeed or fail, and holy moly did they nail it. Using Dyneema in the sheath, Petzl created a fully rated static cord that you'll be glad to have when your partner unexpectedly decides to check out the bottom of that crevasse that was buried in the snow. Whether you're crossing a glacier or just looking to mix some rapelling into your skiing, the super-rad Petzl RAD LINE 6mm is the tool for the job.

  • This cord stretches less than 2% when weighted, meaning no bouncy rappels or unwanted stretch when performing a rescue.
  • The sheath has an extra rough texture, helping with grip and handling.
  • Compatible with TIBLOC and MICRO TRAXION ascenders.
  • Very light, weighing about 22g/meter.
  • Made in the Czech Republic.
  • CE EN 564 certified cord.

** Petzl assembled a RAD Cord rescue kit with all the necessary gizmos and gadgets for a crevasse rescue, which you can find here.

Grams per Meter 22g/m
convert to ounces
716g [30m]
1409g [60m]
Length 30m or 60m
Sidecut   6.0mm
Strength 12 kN
Specs Verified Yes
Rope Style Rappel
UIAA Fall Rating N/A
Skimo Co Says
Usage Glacier travel, mountaineering, rappelling, crevasse rescue, clothes line
Notes Stretches less than 2% when weighted
Bottom Line Super light rap or rescue cord
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Adam K
What is a suggestion for a prusik loop that will work with the RAD line? I've heard that something like a Sterling Hallowblock is too thick and doesn't provide the necessary friction.
Answer from Emmett I

I've had some luck using a Hollowblock and adding lots of (6 or 7) wraps. Thin accessory cord can work as well depending on the use case. But in general, I personally try to use micro traxions and other mechanical devices when possible.
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Question from Erik
How does the Petzl RAD line compare to the Edelrid RAP line? Looks like Edelrid is heavier but has a lower cost. Are there any major benefits to one over the other?
Answer from jbo
Hi Erik, the main differences are in handling and device compatibility. I have an Edelrid rap line which is light and strong, but also very stiff and somewhat slippery. Petzl made the RAD line with a softer yet tougher sheath that handles well and has enough bite to work with their Traxion devices.
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