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If you thought you had enough specialized devices to carry on your harness in glacial terrain, think again. As a constituent of the Crevasse Rescue Kit, the Petzl Partner is designed to be lightweight, compact, and extremely efficient, perfect for crevasse rescue scenarios. This efficiency also makes the Petzl Partner worth its weight in gold when hauling large loads, should you find yourself needing to do so. Made from durable aluminum, the swinging side plates make for easy setup in a variety of situations. For a compact and efficient pulley, the Petzl Partner is the perfect....partner for the job!

  • Swinging side plates make for a fast and easy setup, which is especially useful in stressful situations.
  • Excellent efficiency thanks to the sheave mounted on sealed ball bearings.
  • Aluminum side plates and sheave make for a strong, durable, and compact pulley

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Strength Working load: 5 kN
Breaking strength:15 kN
Specs Verified
Materials   Aluminum side plates, aluminum sheave
Skimo Co Says
Usage Crevasse rescue, hauling
Notes Simple, easy to use with swinging side plates
Bottom Line Lightweight, super-efficient pulley

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