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The Petzl SKREEN is a lightly tinted eye shield that attaches directly to your helmet-- think sunglasses that you won’t ever drop or leave in the car. These shades provide protection from the wind and blown snow and integrate seamlessly with your trusty Petzl Meteor and Sirocco helmets. This glasses/goggle combo breathes better on the ascent, while covering more of your face for the descent, all in a lighter and less bulky package. To put them away, simply rotate the lenses up and over your forehead where they sit flat against the top of your helmet, totally out of the way. Crafted by Bolle, the burly lenses have an anti-scratch coating on the outside and an anti-fog coating on the inside. Weighing in at a light 65g, the SKREEN is an unexpectedly excellent addition to the kit of both racers and backcountry crushers alike.

  • Store out of the way in a low-profile position on top of your helmet.
  • Anti scratch/fog coating on the inside and outside of the lenses.
  • Breathe better than traditional goggles while you’re hiking.
  • Compatible with METEOR and SIROCCO Petzl helmets.
  • Can be used alongside traditional glasses/sunglasses.
  • Made of polycarbonate and nylon.
  • Shields eyes from the wind.
  • Crafted by Bolle, 65g.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from bbx
I have been waiting a long time for Petzl to release this Visor for the Meteor helmet, have they abounded the product for good now?
Answer from Patrick C

We just got word that the Skreen has been canceled for this season. Given that this has happened two seasons in a row I would not await its return to production. Sorry about the bad news.

Patrick // Skimo Co
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