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Patrick C

Patrick C




5' 10"


165 lbs

Shoe Size

US 10.00

Skier Type

Type II - Moderate

Ski Frequency:

10 - 24 days / year

My Skiing

Start slow and taper off, I enjoy a challenging day as much as some meadow skipping.

My Gear

Movement Race Pro 85 ski
Plum Oazo 8 bindings
Atomic Backland Carbon boot

Recent Posts

Joe, Unfortunately, SCARPA is out of that liner for the season. Shoot us an e-mail at and we can set you up for a notification for when we get restocked next fall!
P B, Welcome to the light is right side! While the Ions do share one dimension with the MTN's hole pattern, it would still be suggested to drill new holes to avoid any issues with the 2 other drill holes. You can always fill out our Binding Finder, or shoot us an e-mail at to help you find the perfect match for your new boots!
Sarah, Sorry to hear about the flop - no fun, but seems like a sign of good use! Your particular binding has a fairly unique hole pattern (you can reference our Hole Pattern Recognition article for more info!). With that said it opens you up to many possibilities, but until you zero in on your next binding it's hard to say whether or not you will have to change the mounting position on the ski by a few centimeters. Feel free to fill out our Binding Finder, or shoot us an e-mail at for more i...
Kat, This boot has a stated last of 98mm, but given your boot size this parameter will be smaller. This boot certainly has a slim fit to start, but the moldable shell allows for plenty of adjustability. I can not say for sure that it is built on the same last as your alpine boot, but different plastics and different liners would keep this boot from feeling exactly the same. As for the walk mode, the numbers tell us that the Gea RS has a larger ROM (60 degrees vs. the 54 degrees for the Hawx XTD). Realisti...
Phil, Howdy! I'm not familiar with the Jones Quick Tension parts so I'm not sure if they would play nice with the Pomoca skins. Interesting thought with the Top Fix Race set up, but I imagine it would pop out given the directional pressure being put on the tale of the skin with each stride, especially if any snow-creep starts to happen!

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