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Patrick C

Patrick C




5' 10"


165 lbs

Shoe Size

US 10.00

Skier Type

Type II - Moderate

Ski Frequency:

10 - 24 days / year

My Skiing

Start slow and taper off, I enjoy a challenging day as much as some meadow skipping.

My Gear

Movement Race Pro 85 ski
Plum Oazo 8 bindings
Atomic Backland Carbon boot

Recent Posts

Keri, Thanks for the question. The Atomic Backland binding comes with a clip to be placed in the middle of the bar on the Dynafit-style crampons to prevent them from slipping side to side. The Plum ski crampons will stay centered on their own, other options will require the clip to stay in place. Hope this helps!
Mr. McQuack Sorry to hear about the troubles! I am unable to locate the basket as an item we can purchase here at the shop. If you shoot an email to we can go further down the rabbit hole to see if we can't unearth a basket for you!
Hey Jeff! Unfortunately, we do not sell the Guardian so we do not have a way to measure those bolts for you. Using a parts catalog to look this up I believe you would need a 12.2mm flat-head screw with an 8.8mm diameter head. Sorry I could not be more definitive!
Todd, Thanks for the question! These suits will have a few skimo specific features, one of which are both external and internal "dump pockets" to hold skins and to potentially organize food/water. While you are not concerned with skins, the pockets could come in handy for a long race. The biggest issue I see is that the back panel is mesh. Skimo racers are required to carry packs so this panel is in place to accommodate the need for extra breathability. As a Nordic skier this may cause you to get pretty ch...
Ron, Those should be a fine match as long as the ski isn't any skinnier than about 52mm at it's slimmest point.

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