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Rocketing through the atmosphere, Petzl's updated Meteor helmet seems to appear only as a brief flash of light whizzing past on the skin track. This is the first CE-certified "ski touring helmet", combining light weight protection and ventilation into one package. With the Meteor, Petzl has pioneered a cutting edge race helmet with side, front, and rear protection that will keep you skiing all year round. The sleek looking expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam helmet has a lightweight polycarbonate shell for added durability and it comes in a variety of color options. A glove-friendly ratcheting fit system in the back allows for a secure fit and quick adjustments. One helmet for year-round performance!

  • Designed in accordance with Petzl's TOP AND SIDE PROTECTION label to go above and beyond typical mountaineering helmet tests.
  • Better side, front, and rear protection than the top-impact climbing helmet certification (EN 12492) and better weight and ventilation than the alpine ski helmet certification (EN 1077).
  • Optimal ventilation on both the ascent and descent.
  • Front of helmet is specifically designed for integration of ski goggles, combined with an elastic band in the rear for your goggle strap.
  • Two clips in front and a rear elastic band for securing a headlamp to the helmet.
  • Semi-rigid headband can be adjusted easily, even with gloves on.
  • Compatible with VIZION and SKREEN eye shields.
  • Certifications: CE EN 12492, CE casque de ski de randonnée, UIAA.
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225g [S/M]
240g [M/L]
Certifications EN 12492 (climbing), CE ski touring helmet (PCSR-002)
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Expanded polystyrene (EPS) interior, polycarbonate shell
Skimo Co Says
Usage Suited for ski touring
Notes Compatible with VIZION and SKREEN eye shields
Bottom Line Lightweight, low profile, ventilated helmet
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Questions & Reviews

Taylor M (used product regularly)
Just converted to this from a Mammut Wallrider MIPS in hopes to have better head protection while skiing. I don’t plan to do any sanctioned skimo racing so I don’t mind that it doesn’t have the required alpine skiing rating. This helmet breathes great and is easy to wear from start to finish of any tour. The adjustment mechanism is super straightforward and easy to use. The only downside I’ve experienced is headlamp in place super well. I use the Petzl Swift RL and when it’s in the front slots with the bungee over the back it holds in place well enough. The shape of the helmet and lack of anything on the sides makes the headlamp slide up the helmet a lot. It’s not a dealbreaker by any means though - once headlamp is in place it works well enough
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Alfredo A (downright abused product)
Very simple, lightweight, well-vented, and good-looking. I'd have a hard time buying any other more expensive skimo helmet while this is available. I've used it extensively for skimo training missions both resort/backcountry, and have used it for resort skiing in a pinch (I know it's not rated for this, but better than nothing).
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Nils A (downright abused product)
I take this helmet for rock climbing and ski touring. It's very vented and quite light, making it a no-brainer to bring on any of these outdoor adventures to make things safer. I will admit I've also resort skied with it though it's not rated for that. Highly recommend
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Tom (used product regularly)
This helmet is light and comfortable and breaths well. I often forget I'm wearing it on the uphill and rarely find I'm overheating. For cold days, there's enough adjustment to allow for a small liner hat. The headlamp / goggle clip works easily without issue. Some others have had issue with the magnetic clip system but it hasn't been a problem for me. It's also rolled around my trunk a number of times and hasn't shown any wear, so durability seems OK.
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Louis G (used product a few times)
This helmet is awesome! It's extremely light and breathable. The adjustment system is very adaptable, and the magnet buckle thing is actually pretty helpful while wearing gloves.

I honestly couldn't tell the difference when the helmet was clipped on my pack, and it is comfortable and confidence inspiring when on my head. Glad I bought it.
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Andy (used product a few times)
My wife and I wear helmets bc skiing in the spring and summer when the snow is firm to icy and rocks and trees appear. She lost her Camp climbing helmet late last summer (it fell out of her new Mammut helmet carrier and she didn't notice), so we ordered another but it (evidently like many/most of that issue) had a dysfunctional adjustment mechanism and we returned it. So it was time to order her a new helmet and this Petzel looked nice. I helped her adjust it and thought "this is a nice helmet." I got my BD Tracer out to put in my pack and found it had lost some of the padding, making for a very loose fit and that the styrofoam was looking a little funky (it was 8 years old). So I ordered a Petzel Meteor for myself. Most comfortable helmet I have. Fit is perfect (1 mm more on my large head and the helmet would be too small--the foam buffer in the front works to prevent sweat coming down to the eyes, so no need yet for my Halo head band). And it is so light it is not even noticeable while skinning and skiing. In addition to protection, I wear a helmet to protect my head from the sun and to keep my head cool. I wore it today on a tour in full sun, 39-49 F, with nice white snow and it kept my head cooler than any other head gear I have (I have a full head of hair, but my scalp will burn without a cover). The ventilation is great. I like this helmet!
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Question from Patricia Franco
Wondering if I could use this helmet during the Trofeo Mezzalama. It requires that the helmet "meets both CE EN 12492 and EN 1077 class B standards." Would this helmet fly??

Answer from jbo
Hi Patricia, it is not certified to EN 1077 (skiing) standards so it will not fly. It has enough strength / impact protection for that cert, but the vents are too big (allowing a ski pole to pass through). Petzl is trying to establish a new standard that eliminates that silly ski pole stipulation.
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