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Javier C




5' 9"


170 lbs

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Type III - Aggressive

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Excellent / I love the Maestros already !
I just got from you guys the Ski Trab Maestro.2 Skis 164cm and measured with digital calipers the width at the crampon area to be 77.5mm; since this crampons are 78mm I guess they are the perfect fit? or should I go with the ATKs 86mm crampons - my binds are ATK kuluar 9 By the way, thanks for the great service last week for the above - the skis are binds are a piece of jewelry … so want the equivalent Crampons -Javier
This article is spot on. In fact I just got fitted at Skimo over a month ago pair of Scarpa F1 LT and I have to say, in my 40+ years if skiing that was the BEST more insightful boot fitting I ever had. I was torn between two sizes and she went for the smaller - fitting a boot for backcountry has a different things to consider that the classic downhill fit approach. I actually flew from out of state to get it all done in person and it was worth every penny. Thanks for the accommodation and insight fullness....
My two prior skins (purchased elsewhere) G3 alpinist tip broke last year and the new G3 LT alpinist replacement glue failed after summer (although I got a warranty replacement) so I ended risking it and got the Tipons. I LOVE this skins and I am not going back to normal glue. Also the glide is excellent and the grip with the right technique is great even going steep. Only tried in Lake tahoe in a very deep fluffy day, on a wet day and on a normal day. Sure you have to pay attention to the application of th...

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