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No Longer Available

You are unlikely to confused the ATK Raider ski brakes with other models. That’s because they ride on the toe pieces instead of the heels like other bindings. It’s a neat system that causes less interference with lateral release mechanisms, and anti-friction devices are made obsolete. The Raider 2.0 brakes are lightweight like the binding but still seem to do the job. Swap skis and keep your bindings with new ATK brakes. These also work with the Hagan Core bindings.

Update: These are now available as Hagan brakes.

Questions & Reviews

Question from Rowan T
Can you also put me on the notification list for the 102mm brakes when you get them in stock? I've snapped one of mine and need a spare!
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Rowan, we just put you on the list for 102mm brakes!
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Question from Fedor F

Are you goung to have in stok these brakes in 102 mm size?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hi Fedor! I don't believe we have ordered any more for this season, but if you'd like me to, I can put you on the email notification list.
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Question from Marty
Hi, do you think the 86 mm brake would fit on an 88mm ski or are the tolerances exact? Thanks!
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Marty! You might have to bend them out a bit, but yeah, you could likely get them to work. It depends a little bit on the shape of the sidewall of the ski, but really you're only looking for an extra millimeter of clearance on either side of the ski so I think it's probably fine.
Answer from Marty C
Hi Trace, thanks for the reply. Are these sold as a pair or do I have to order quantity (2) in the cart to get a pair? Thanks.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Marty! They're sold as a pair!
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Question from Charles Dembitzer
Can these brakes be mounted on th ATK SLR release bindings?
Answer from jbo
Hi Charles, unfortunately not. They only work on the ATK Raider and RT 2.0 bindings, along with the Hagan Core and Ride.
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