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Lighter and more compact than the standard Dynafit crampon, the Speed is built for just that. The crampons have mean looking teeth and more cutouts to save weight. They are shallower in bite so work best with lower riser settings, like those found on race bindings. The Speed Crampon is 78mm wide and weighs 63 grams. It takes up less space than a standard crampon so is great for race packs. Simply slide the crampon into the side your compatible toe piece and let it drop on your ski for extra security when skinning on hard snow.

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Questions & Reviews

CDB (hasn't used product)
These provide almost no bite with Ski Trab Gara Titan Bindings and Dynafit DNA Boots. I haven’t used them and will send them back. Spacers would resolve the issue but I’d prefer not to spend the time sorting it out. I wish there was something in between these and deep bite crampons.
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Question from Javier C
I just got from you guys the Ski Trab Maestro.2 Skis 164cm and measured with digital calipers the width at the crampon area to be 77.5mm; since this crampons are 78mm I guess they are the perfect fit? or should I go with the ATKs 86mm crampons - my binds are ATK kuluar 9
By the way, thanks for the great service last week for the above - the skis are binds are a piece of jewelry … so want the equivalent Crampons
Answer from bruno wick
Hi Javier,

I just checked the compatibility between the Maestro.2 and the speed crampons and they go together fantastically.
Answer from Javier C
Excellent / I love the Maestros already !
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Question from Grant
Will these work with Marker Alpinists mounted on Blackcrow Rocca Freebird (76mm underfoot)? Or would you suggest a marker brand crampon for better compatibility?
Answer from Will McD
Hi Grant, these will indeed work with that setup. The Alpinist is designed to work with Dynafit-style ski crampon so there shouldn't be any compatibility issues.
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Question from Zach
I have ATK Trofeos on Atomic Backland 78s. Do you think these will work, or should I get the 80mm normal crampons?

Additionally, do you think these are better crampons than the normal ones? Based on the Q&A, it seems like these would work well as I have a race binding
and a 78mm waisted ski, but I wanted to double check. I'm not enough of a race weeny to really care about the 26G of the 78mm speed vs. the 80mm normal, but if the 78mm speed is more than adequate for the purposes, then I'd prefer to get that.
Answer from Zak M
Hey Zach, the Dynafit Speed Crampons will not work great with the Backland 78. I would definitely go with the 80mm Dynafit Ski Crampons.
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Question from Ketil
Hi ! Can I use this for Völkl Vta 80 skis and Dynafit Superlite standard (2016)? Or will they be 2mm too narrow..
Answer from Zak M
Hey Ketil, the Speed Crampons will be just a bit too narrow for those Volkl VTA's. I would check out the Dynafit Ski Crampons in the 80mm width version for a better fit.
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Question from Nate
Will these work with Trab Gara Titans? What's the shop situation at the moment re: covid? Thanks.
Answer from Jeff
Nate, Yes the Dynafit crampons are compatible. The Store is close for the time being. We are shipping online orders.
Answer from Nate B
Cool, thank you! Epic response time.
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Question from Bill
Where is the dropdown list for sizes?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Bill, these only come in the 78mm width. Take a look at the standard Dynafit Ski Crampon if you're looking for other width options!
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Question from Tony
anyone use these on an atk or helio binding? do they slide easily into the crampon hook? I have some older Dynafit crampons and they just barely slide into an ATK with considerable effort - would need to sand/dremel/file out the inside of the crampon hook a little bit for it to slide in easily. Is this common for all dynafit crampons matched with atk or do I have an outlier? Thanks
Answer from eric
Tony- Dynafit ski crampons should work with ATK bindings. If yours is not then I would say the receptor is not quite wide enough like you thought. A little persuasion might be needed.
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Question from heidi
do dynafit speed crampon fit 90mm waist of ski
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Heidi! Nope! In the description it says they're only 78mm wide. The 90mm version of this might work though. Might be worth erring on the side of 100mm just to be safe though.
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Question from Ram
Which crampon do you recommend for Hagan Cirus (75 waist) and Hagan x-race skis with Hagan (ATK) race bindings? Will this speed crampon (78mm wide) work okay for both, or should I consider the regular dynafit crampon (80mm wide)?

Thanks! Ram
Answer from jbo
Hi Ram, the Speed Crampon fits either of those skis. It has a more shallow bite, so it's better if you use race bindings or lower riser settings.
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Jonathan S (downright abused product)
First year for this model's distribution in North America, but I’ve been using these for many years ever since they were first introduced in Europe.

The picture doesn’t make them look that much more compact than the standard models, but in reality they are indeed noticeably more compact in your pack. Yet with the teeth configuration, and a low standheight toe unit combined with a “half-step” heel elevator position (i.e., as on any race or near-race binding), their bite is fine.

Just one caveat: for that perfect bite I added some spacers (from an older Dynafit Speed heelpost add-on kit, same as the newer Speed Turn).
Reply from Eric M
Can you provide more details on the spacer solution you came up with? I just tried out my speed crampons, and with my setup (speed superlite bindings, dynafit evo boots 26.5/289bsl, the teeth barely bite the snow, and definitely need a spacer to push the crampon down. Any details on how to make a spacer, or where to buy parts? I'm curious how significant the weight savings will end up being after you add the nearly-mandatory spacers...
Reply from Jonathan S
As shown in my picture above, the red spacers (and hope that you appreciate my color coordination!) are what Jason calls the "TLT Speed Nubbin" in the binding parts listing. You'll need four total, but you don't need the original attachment hardware.
Instead just visit the hardware stores bins for T-Nuts with Brad hole 6-32 x 1 ¼ plus corresponding machine screws.
Depending on the tolerances, you might need to just barely "kiss" the preexisting holes in the crampons -- but this is like a two-second minor drilling, nothing serious.
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Question from Ute
Hey there,

which crampon goes with the dynafit speed turn binding?

Also, I have crampons for a speed radical binding, would those fit the speed turn binding? Thanks, Ute
Answer from jbo
Hi Ute, all Dynafit crampons will work with all Dynafit bindings. Pick the size based on the width of your ski. For more options, see here.
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