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Mark E




6' 0"


145 lbs

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Type III - Aggressive

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I developed my "kick the ski behind me to rip the skin from the tail" habit while skiing identical skis with Hagan ZR (branded as Movement Light Tech) bindings, which I was generally in the habit of leaving unlocked at all times. A shim under the lock plate seems like it would help the lock tension while skinning. Is there something pre-fabricated for this purpose, or could it be as simple as cutting out a strip of aluminum from a can and epoxying it under the lock plate? (If I was local, I'd just bring the...
I don't love the toe pieces. On the plus side, they do not build up ice in the springs and pre-release like other toe pieces. The immediate downside is all of the bending over (or delicate spearing with ski pole) involved in getting into one's skis. My bigger complaint is how often I come out of the toes. Without putting the toe pieces in lock mode I'm unable to kick my skis behind me to remove my skins (without accidentally kicking off the ski entirely, that is). Even when in lock mode, I still regularly p...
These Alien RS boots ski astonishingly well for as light as they are. The innovative Boa and upper cuff tightening systems provide for something that feels a bit like a four buckle design in a 2 lb boot. I have fifty days or so of skiing in these boots, and a couple days of ice climbing. No concerns or complaints about durability. Scarpa suggests that these boots are best for skis 85mm or less. I ski these on 84mm skis, but feel that they could comfortably power a bigger ski. A ski partner skis these boots ...
I second the comments above. Movement got everything wrong about these skins but the Coltex. The tip attachment is unnecessarily heavy. The glue leaves me sweating and swearing at the bottom of every lap trying to separate the skins from themselves. The tail attachment system is obnoxious and underfunctional. There's zero elasticity in the tails, and the "cam" clips seem designed to slide only one way—the wrong way. After accidentally ripping a clip off multiple times in the last week while trying to separa...
Do you know if you'll be receiving additional butterfly baskets for the 17-18 season?

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