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Kudos to Ski Trab for an innovative toe piece! With a patented design that doesn’t require coiled springs, the Gara Titan approaches the 100 gram weight barrier that only recently seemed implausible. With the toe lever angled against included striker plates, the pins are pressed into the boot for a locked position. There is of course an unlocked ski mode to comply with ISMF rules, with the release based on an ultra-reliable titanium wire-spring. As with “traditional” race toes, pressing down on the Easy Lever allows the wings to open for exit. The heel is the same proven design used in the TR-Race model. The bindings come with either steel or titanium U-springs; the latter version is officially named Gara Titan World Cup.

  • Patented toe piece weighs just 66g (2.3 oz) with both locked & ski modes.
  • Design is less susceptible to pre-release caused by improper closure due to ice build-up.
  • Heel piece has a pin-cover flap for basic skinning and rotates for a flat-on-ski position.
  • Toe pins have grooves to help clear boot inserts of ice and dirt during rotation.
  • Included removable crampon attachments (+4g) accept all Dynafit-style ski crampons.
  • Included leash loops (+2g) provide convenient attachment points.

Update 2016/17: Trab has introduced a version with a thinner heel spring (4.5mm vs 5.0mm) for lighter skiers. Also, the toe piece has been redesigned slightly to better accommodate certain carbon race boots.

Update 2017/18: Trab added an even thinner spring (4.0mm) for an even softer release.

Update 2018/19: Ski Trab anodized the bindings with Skimo Blue! The build remains the same.

convert to ounces
111g [Titanium]
118g [Steel 4.5]
Weight (pair) 222g [Titanium]
236g [Steel 4.5]
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   None
BSL Adjustment   Accessory plates
Riser Heights   1 + flat
Vertical Release   Fixed
Lateral Release   Fixed
Crampon Ready   Included Option
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Ergal aluminum, titanium/steel, high-strength plastic
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing
Notes Next gen toes without coiled springs
Bottom Line Crazy light, strong, and simple
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Piasek
Hi, I'd like to build a very light yet wide skimo set based on Mistico.2 skis. I have Gara Titan bindings lying around with ATK R.01 adjustment plates. All new. Initially I wanted to get Titan Vario 2 bindings with a ski stopper but the weight does not seem to be acceptable. So here is the idea of mounting Gara Titans to the skis with or without adjustment plates. Could you advise?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Piasek,

The Gara Titan would be an excellent match for the Mistico.2, and very light. Whether you use an adjustment plate or not is up to you! Fixed mount is lighter, but adjustability can be nice sometimes.
Answer from Piasek
Thanks! I was worried that this ski could be too wide for such a minimalistic binding with quite narrow mounting pattern. I'm gonna use it with PG Black boots so no aggressive skiing involved but they will have to be up to the task of riding steep and narrow descents.
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Piasek,

I have fixed mounted Gara Titans on my Ortles 90 which are the same exact dimensions as the Mistico.2, and it's great! I also know folks who put them on 108-115 underfoot freeride skis. Perhaps not the most recommended, but it seems to work fine. I think it will be a perfect match for the PG Black boots and that ski. Nice setup!
Answer from Piasek
Thanks a lot! I'll carry on with the idea! Let's see what happens. I'll use adjustment plates for boot flexibility. Cheers!
Answer from Piasek
Done! Skis have arrived, bindings finally have their use. I went for R01 plates as well.
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Question from Mike
Hi - I wound up re-mounting these on a pair of locator 104's bc i swapped boots this year, the heel gap is closer to 4.5mm, on a scale of 'no issue' to 'constant release' where does this land? should i be thinking about remounting these with a tighter heel gap?
Answer from jbo
Hi Mike, it's closer to 'no issue' than 'constant release' on the scale. Likely not worth a remount. You can always swap to a higher release spring (if you're not already on the 5.0mm).
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Question from Brian O
Hello Skimo Co,

Has any one used the Gara bindings on Vario.2 adjustment plates to reach some kind of compromise between features and weight? With that combo, one'd have the fore-aft elasticity with a smidgeon (1-2mm?) of lateral elasticity. You could even throw on the clunky brakes, if you fancy.

If so, what was the feedback? Thanks!
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Brian, it's been done a few times, and pretty much for the reasons you describe. If you bottom out the 4mm gap, you get some heel elasticity and you can take the brake on and off as needed. Feedback was good! It works just fine.
Answer from Ben
The people yearn for the return of the Vario Adjustable! Ski Trab are you listening?
Answer from Brian O
Thanks Gabriel.

Hi Ben,
If the combination of Gara and a Vario.2 adjustment plate, ticks most boxes, I don't think I'd go for a slightly better but heavier original Vario Adjustable heel piece. The mentioned combo seems just too similar.

I would go for a Vario.3 that drops the bulk of the Vario.2 but keeps its features. I guess the adjustable plate could be slimmed and simplified. And the brakes could use a trim too.

That, and it's hard to imagine Ski Trab reverting back to an old product. They seem to focus solely on innovation.
Answer from Ben
Hi Brian, Ski Trab came out with that binding at least 8 years ago, but for some reason they don't make it anymore
Answer from Dan B
Do you recommend adding the 10g toe lifter when using titan gara with vario or race heel plates?
Answer from jbo
Hi Dan, it depends on the setup. For example, I opted to not use shims on a Hyper V8 since a bit more ramp helps trail breaking and that ski planes up in powder, its only use case. For a shorter ski, shorter boots, firm snow, it can be nice when using the thicker Vario plates. Very few folks shim with the race plates.
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bruno wick (downright abused product)
This is the only binding in my quiver at the moment. I own 4 pairs on skis from 112 underfoot to my race skis. I have never had any issue with them as far as pre-releasing. I have come to replay appreciate the manual nature of these binders. The manual opening is reassuring when on steep slopes as when the ski is on your boot, you know it is. There is no faffing with the springs on the toe, since... well... there aren't any.

There's not really anymore to say; the Titan is simple, strong and lightweight. What else could you want from a binding?
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Brian O (downright abused product)
I came to know about this binding mainly from the reviews on this page and it suited my requirements for gear for my project go fast and light on skis, where I could, from Mexico to Canada along the Continental Divide last winter.

I am a big fan of this binding. I have about 100 days on it, on snow ranging from perfect powder or full depth hoar to various crusts, hard steeps, corn, and deep slush.

I am 6', 166lbs, usually carried a 15-30lb pack. I bought this binding new with the 4.0mm spring, directly from SkiTrab, with a discount.

The performance of this tiny binding impresses me. For reference, I spent a season, about 30 days on an ATK Freeraider 14, dialed down to setting of 8, on some DPS C2s in 184cm length. It was a lot of fun, but there were a few times when I was bouncing over some wind chop and zastrugis, and a binding would prerelease. I thought that binding was one of the better freeride touring bindings. Since switching to the SkiTrab bindings, I have bounced over plenty of rough and rougher spots, and have yet to have a binding erroneously release. In my limited experience the SkiTrab bindings have the best retention of all the pin bindings. The weight to performance ratio of this binding seams unmatched.

I rarely would lock the toe when skinning. I never felt the need to lock the toe for the descent and thus never have.

I have never had icing issues with this binding, on ski traverses up to 10 days in length.

On the simple rear piece, I never had the heel flap come up by itself. I used the unofficial flat setting alot and wore down the aluminum where it rubbed on the boot.

This and the Vario.2 are the only bindings I take into the backcountry, and the only pin bindings I trust. This may not be the most aesthetic binding, but it's performance at this weight seems to be years ahead of other manufacturers.
Reply from Maciej Z
What is "unofficial flat setting" ?
Reply from Piasek
He might be referring to turning the heel 90 degrees to get flat setting. Personally I never use it because my boots allow for enough ankle flexibility to skin on flats comfortably.
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Nels N (used product regularly)
The simplicity of these bindings leaves a strong impression, and makes everything else on the market seem bulky and overly complicated. I got the 4.5mm bar, and so far have not had any accidental releases, and thankfully haven't had any spills of significance where I wanted to release, but thus cannot review the release (I'm 5'11" and about 150lb).
Sometimes a little snow/ice has built up and made it hard to transition, but less so than most other bindings I've used. Overall, transitions have been smooth and fast. I'm usually racing up with heel risers engaged, and so simply having to flick back the heel riser and stomp down to get into descent mode without ever having to rotate the tower is pretty sweet.
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Question from Anna
Hi, what are the release values for the three spring thicknesses (5.0, 4.5 and 4.0)?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Anna,
Trab generally ascribes RVs of 8/10/12 to the 4/4.5/5 respectively. The Ti typically tests between the 4.5mm and 5mm spring in forward release.
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Question from nick b
I have these bindings and I'm confused. I will pull up on the toe levers so they click twice, but this doesn't lock the binding. I've had them locked before and fallen while skinning in powder and my skies have popped off. How do you lock these bindings?
Answer from Brett S
Hey Nick, it sounds like you are locking them out. If you're having issues with the toe piece, please send an email to so we can help you out!
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Question from Erik
Hi. I have several sets of the older gara titan release in R12. Love that binding.
Is this pretty much the same binding? Does the heel snap back to senter in the same way as the gara titan? Does the release have the same predictibility?
Looking for some light weight bindings for a skitrab maestro and bd helio 88. Can not live without the trab toe, but does not think that I ned all the bulk on the heavyer versions..
Answer from jbo
Hi Erik, Trab toes for the win! The Gara Titan is the race version and does not have the same lateral elasticity in the heel. The Italians moved to the Vario.2 for that functionality. You are not alone in your sentiment.
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Question from Brad
Any word on 4.0mm springs being restocked this season? It looks like they are what test out to around an 8 ish RV
Answer from Jeremy L
Hi Brad. It's looking like fall until we get another delivery from Ski Trab. However, it is possible to get a pair of the 4.5 or 5 and replace the springs with the 4.0 heel forks found here. I hope this helps.
Answer from Jeff
Brad, Email me at and I can help.
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Question from Sean
Are there any plans to offer these toes individually like you do with the heel pieces? Daydreaming about a tele weight weenie setup, so no need for the heelpiece.
Answer from Ian C
Hey Sean, thanks for reaching out about this! I hear the Ski Trab toes are pretty popular in the telemark community. We may not see more Ski Trab toe pieces for a while, sadly.
Answer from jbo
Hi Sean, we do stock them here. Just waiting on a re-supply which has been somewhat unpredictable this season.
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Question from Ben
I have Titan Vario.2 bindings in RV 7-9 and that release value feels about right for me (I understand it tests out around a 9). I see that they are specced with a 4.5mm steel spring. Is the 4.5mm spring on the Gara Titans the same as the spring on the Vario.2 I have? I read on this page that the 4.5 is around a 10RV and that seems a big high for me. I also have an older pair of Gara Titans and the spring just says R10 on it but it looks exactly like the 4.5mm spring on my Vario.2, and I understand race style bindings often overstate their release values somewhat so I take the "R10" marking with a grain of salt.
Answer from eric
Ben- You are correct that the springs are the same diameter of 4.5. With the difference in the heel gap on the 2 heel units the release value seems to change.
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Question from Aidan Goldie
I have a BD Helio 145 heel adjustment plate. Would I be able to use the same adjustment plate to mount these up?
Answer from Jeff
Aidan, Yes. The Ski Trab race heels have the same 25mm mounting width as the Helio and ATK race heel pieces.
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Kyle S (downright abused product)
I have now taken these bindings on all of my spring skiing objectives and have mostly loved them. Huge shout out to the staff at Skimo for steering me to these and opening up my eyes to the amazingness of the Trab toe.

For the most part, these bindings have just worked and I have had almost no issues. The biggest positive I would point out would be how much better the toe is to get on than the normal tech toes in sketchy transition spots. I have been lifting the ski up and using my hand to put the toe on and have on numerous occasions been able to transition much faster than friends on steep terrain. The heel riser has been more than adequate paired up with the F1 LT boot.

The only negative I'd mention is sometimes in compressions skinning the back of my boot rubs against the binding in flat mode. Not sure if this is a not properly adjusted binding, or the binding itself, but something to look out for nonetheless.
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Jordan S (downright abused product)
These bindings are amazing. I've used them on all my skis and I absolutely love them. The toes are what everyone is talking about (they are exactly as good as stated above), but the heel piece is also pretty darn good. I think these are honestly a good set of bindings for anyone who doesn't need brakes on their bindings. The only minor complaint is that the toe lever is a little finicky to get right, but after some practice I was able to open and close the toe with only one pole.
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Question from Jim
Hi, I come out at a release value of 8 on the binding finder, and I usually ski my adjustable AT bindings at around that value. From the comments here it sounds like the 4mm steel spring version of this binding would be closest to that release value. Is that correct?
Answer from Will M
Hey Jim,

That is correct! The 4mm steel spring will equate to a release value of around 8.
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Question from Rob

Does anyone know what the 'ramp height' is? (The relative height of the heal pins Vs toe pin)

I prefer this to be flat and wonder if I'll need to shim the toe to achieve this.

Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Rob, thanks for reaching out! On this binding, the toe pins are 1mm higher than the heel pins, so slightly beyond flat! For more info, check out our Binding Pin Heights article.
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Anthony O (downright abused product)
The one. I've used this on skis up to 116mm inbounds airing off of bumps and hitting 50 mph. I use it on all my skis actually. I have never prereleased and I have always released in crashed where I have needed to. I typically use the 4.5 steel version. I've been using them for a few years and probably have 6 sets or so and I tour 100+ days a year averaging about 60k of vert per month. These just work perfectly and I forget about my bindings which is what I want. The main difference is the default "closed" position. Others have mentioned this so I won't go further other than to say that it provides some elasticity and excellent retention. A side benefit is that in a steep icy couloir or anywhere "where it counts" is that you can depress the lever with your thumb and put it on your binding precisely rather than trying to step in on a traditional binding and potentially having it clamp and miss the pin receivers and keep faffing with it. This provides additional security in those types of situations. It's light, functional and I have zero problems with it. Highest marks, zero complaints. I will not purchase any other binding at this point. If you are skilled you can easily use your pole and pole strap to step in and even lock the toe without bending over, and the nice indent in the tow lever makes it easy to depress with a pole for exiting as well.
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Marek Z (used product regularly)
Ski Trab came with really brilliant idea when they made those bindings. It takes a bit of practice to get used to it but after some time they are really easy to operate and trasitions are smooth and fast. Do not pre-release, very reliable and light binding. Definitely one of the best bindings for racing.
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Mike L (used product a few times)
Super impressed and happy with the titanium version. Incredibly light and easy to use. Combined with Atomic Backland 107's and Pomoca Free Pro 2.0 skins, it's a killer combo allowing for fast/efficient uphill, fast transitions, and secure downhill fun in the pow. 5 stars all around. Thanks to Skimo team for fast install. Very happy!
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