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Height:6' 2"
Weight:185 lbs
Shoe Size:US 11.00
Skier Type:Type III - Aggressive
Ski Frequency:25 - 50 days / year
My Skiing

I ski a lot of lower angle backcountry terrain (<30 degrees) in the winter and ski some steeper slopes come late spring snow stability. I also visit a resort from time to time to test my backcountry gear on the steeper slopes. I ski in the Front Range of Colorado during the winter and love to take trips to the Northwest volcanoes come June and July.

My Gear

I have skied Black Diamond Crossbow, Vokl Gotama, Dynafit Manaslu, and Movement Goldfish-X. Bindings I've had include Marker Baron, Dynafit Vertical TLT, and Hagan ZR.

Recent Posts

I have these custom cut to Movement Goldfish-X. I have used them for about 15,000 vertical feet and they have performed quite well. Great grip on any skin track I've been on and great glide on flat terrain and low angle slopes. I've had Dynafit Speedskins and these are exactly the same save for the tip and tail attachments. For reference my tips were replaced with top fix race attachments so that I can rip the skins off from the tip with skis still on. Jason at skimo did a great custom job on these!
These boots are incredibly light and ski surprisingly well for their weight. I have used them with the Movement Goldfish-X in conditions from 10F-40F, rolling backcountry terrain to steep (~40 degree) slopes. I love the articulation, even better than my TLT5P, and the cuff gets pretty stiff when skiing down, comparable to my TLT5P without the tongue. My one gripe is that the liner is not quite enough to keep my feet warm under 20F even while moving quickly, but I think my feet get cold easier than many. I...
This binding is incredibly light. I have it mounted on the Movement Goldfish-X and after about 20,000 vertical feet I can say I love its performance on the up and the down. I have yet to lock the toe down while skiing and haven't had any pre-releases on terrain varying from deep powder to 42 degree double black slopes in the resort. I am not about to go off any jumps with them, but they have been great for touring even for a bigger guy like me at 6'2" and 185lbs plus a backcountry pack with all the essentia...
I've skied this pair about 15,000 vertical feet touring and about 5,000 vertical feet on steeps in the resort. I am amazed with it's performance in variable conditions - hardpack, powder, crud, and windblown. I am using it in the Front Range of Colorado during this above average snow year and have really loved it in everything I've tried (I have not used it on any serious icy conditions). It is a serious upgrade from my Manaslu/Vertical TLT setup on the way up, what an amazing difference in efficiency, and ...

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