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We’ve heard it described as the perfect ski. We think that may not be an overstatement for a certain class of skier. We’re not sure if this is a race ski you can tour on, or a touring ski you can race on, but we do know it is uniquely amazing. It could be perfect for bigger or more aggressive racers. It could be perfect for skiers seeking powder in faraway places. Lighter than many race skis, more floaty than many touring skis, the Gold Fish-X from Movement could be perfect for you.

  • 830 gram (1lb 13.2oz) weight in the 168 lets you fly uphill.
  • Light rocker tip and 71mm of underfoot width add significant confidence on the down.
  • Cool fish tip has an eyeball and mouth that hungers for a race-style bungee (or rubber) skin tip.
  • Light Karuba wood core is reinforced with a poplar composite.
  • Uses patented North TPT technology that weaves tri-axial carbon fiber onto the core.
  • Top of the line P-Tex 5000 covers the bases for top of the line performance.

Update 2017/18: This ski has been replaced by the Race Pro 71.

Lengths (cm) 160, 168
convert to ounces
775g [160]
830g [168]
Weight (pair) 1550g [160]
1660g [168]
Sidecut   109-71-90
Turn Radius   18m [160]
19m [168]
Skin Fix   Fish tip cord
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Light rocker tip, slightly raised tail
Shape   Shorter radius, fish tip, flat tail
Construction   Cap with TPT wrapped core
Core   Karuba w/ poplar reinforcements
Skimo Co Says
Usage Be creative
Notes Can be used as bait
Bottom Line Perfect?
Compare to other Low-fat Skis

Questions & Reviews

Toby W (used product a few times)
This is a great ski that weigh in at race ski weights AND skis like a much bigger heavier ski. It carves well, has a nice wide slightly rockered tip that gives it the ability to really ski downhill in variable conditions. I am using it with the Fisher Travers Carbon boot and a KREUZSPITZE SCTT binding. It is a dream set up. I am very impressed and most likely will be using a bit less of my quiver. Oh well..... Such is life. Ke Garne....
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Question from andy king
I am looking for a ski to go for long days in the hills and also to do some racing. The skis around 70- 80 underfoot seem to be what I am looking for. Do you think that is a reasonable statement? I am also looking more for durability than absolute lightness, what do you think are reasonable options? I am 5'7" and 150 lbs.

On the binding front, I have a pair of speed turns that I think are great. What benefit do I get from race bindings, other than weight? I am a 42 year old husband and father, that thinks releasability is at a premium.

thanks for your help.
Answer from jbo
Hi Andy, you're in the right ballpark for that usage. The Gold Fish is awesome, and near race weight. You could step up to something like a Ski Trab Maestro if you wanted to really err on the side of durability (Trab is known for that) at the expense of a couple hundred grams. The Atomic Backland UL 78 is also in the running.

Race bindings are a bit simpler to use since you don't have to rotate them, and they also keep you flatter on the ski which can help with control, especially on shorter skis. If you check out our binding finder, we might be able to find something that is near your target release value (all race bindings release, just at mostly-fixed values). That said, there is nothing wrong with the Speed Turns if they work for you! There are also some options "in between".
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Question from lance
i am interested in this ski. i am thinking of putting on telemark bindings on these skis since i am a free healer (cross between a alpine style and tele.( i use both styles depending on the conditions)

is there any problems that i might run into or i should be aware of?

also will this ski take regular mole hair sticky skins or is there something different on how the skins go on?

what dfo you use the holes and grove for on the tips of the ski?
Answer from jbo
Hi Lance, Movement does not recommend mounting this ski with telemark bindings. It wasn't designed to sustain tele-forces near the toe piece. The tip groves are for skimo race-style skins that use bungee cords or rubber tips in slots.
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Question from Coloradodonnie
Looking at the Movement GoldFish, Hagan Cirrus, and Atomic Ultimate 78.

Question is:
I currently race and train on the dynafit pdg almost everyday in the winter, but living on a resort with access to side/back country tours in the morning and evening I want something to keep me fast on the uphill but something that I can grab almost any day under almost any condition that will a bit more fun then the pdg's..., what do you think?. I will be using my scarpa aliens, and not sure on bindings but open to thoughts on that as well. Thanks you for your help!
Answer from jbo
Hi Coloradodonnie, yes the extra length of the Gold Fish and light touring skis can offer a noticeable improvement in ski-ability, since race skis are often too short for folks. Send us an e-mail with your info and we can give a personalized recommendation. Easiest to use the binding finder and mention the skis as well.
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Layne C (used product regularly)
I've used these for about a month now, so I feel I can finally give an objective review. I use the Golds with the Hagan ZR/Dyna PDG boot. I'm 6' 170 lbs, and I was tired, literally, of skiing in the backseat so much with race skis. The CROWBAR race the last 2 years comes to mind. Back seat skiing is inevitable on race skis, but I feel like I can stand up a little more on these, and my quads appreciate that--I definitely can notice the added width and rocker on the Gold. They have a shorter radius than many of the other race skis which could good or bad depending on your view, but I really like the way they carve and are pretty nimble. I like how easy they are to turn, but are also stable at speeds as fast as I dare to ski.

They are a little heavier when mounted than my other race skis (45 grams), which gave me some pause before I bought them, but the difference between 885 grams and 840 grams is really hard to notice. It's less than the weight of a pack of skittles, so close enough for me, and I get the added benefit of a bigger ski to descend on.

I would definitely buy them again, and had them mounted and ready to go really quickly.

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Question from John larson
Can you get the gold fish x 168s
Answer from jbo
Hey John, unfortunately these are out for the season but we will be getting more in the fall. Check back in September!
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Andy (used product regularly)
I've skied this pair about 15,000 vertical feet touring and about 5,000 vertical feet on steeps in the resort. I am amazed with it's performance in variable conditions - hardpack, powder, crud, and windblown. I am using it in the Front Range of Colorado during this above average snow year and have really loved it in everything I've tried (I have not used it on any serious icy conditions). It is a serious upgrade from my Manaslu/Vertical TLT setup on the way up, what an amazing difference in efficiency, and it performs very competently in powder for how skinny and light it is.

I have the Hagan ZR binding, Dynafit PDG boot, and Pomoca ProGlide skins that I use with these skis. Jason at was an amazing wealth of knowledge in helping me decide on this setup, provided wonderful customer service, and dialed in a precise mount.
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Randolph R (used product regularly)
One ski to rule them all? Well... not really, but it ain't far off! This is the race ski that has changed my mind about race skis! I'd long been a die hard skitrabber (committed to the cause) but became acquainted with Movement skis last winter at a European Worldcup Race and was immediately pleased with the quality of their goods - seemingly a little ahead of the rest of the market. The Goldfish-X totally delivers in a small niche for a rando race ski that could also hold its own not only in the uphill, but on the downhill too. Most of the skis in the 600g category are pretty sketchy in the reckless downhill madness of rando racing, but the added surface area and touch of rocker (only at the cost of 200g) makes a monumental difference. I feel confident skiing at speed in a wide range of conditions with these babies. Sure their no Lotus 138 on a powder day, but they get the job done from ice to deep. Where as I used have two dedicated setups (one racing and one touring) I am finding this quickly obsolete. I have almost exclusively ridden the Goldfish-X this winter (from racing to technical ski mountaineering) and don't see it changing soon. Goes perfect with the Scarpa Alien 1.0 boots!
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Model: Gold Fish-X

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