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Pomoca Climb Pro Glide Skins

Brand: Pomoca
Model: Climb Pro Glide
Availability: Discontinued

The Climb Pro Glide skins by Pomoca are a 70%/30% blend of mohair/nylon which is quickly becoming a standard ratio in ski mountaineering. The blend makes for a great balance of grip, glide, and durablity. Pomoca recommends these skins for mountain guides and experts, but we think everyone should experience the speed of the versatile blend with Pomoca's custom fiber treatment. These come with a ready2Climb attachment set that consists of a replaceable tip buckle and Back Fix tail clip.

  • Uses special Pomoca nylon fibers that are quick drying with resistance to twisting and abrasion.
  • Features a new tip buckle that can be swapped to fit any width ski (2 sizes included, others available).
  • The climbing skin fibers are treated with a Pomoca Glide process that reduces friction.
  • Simple Back Fix tail clip lets you fine tune the tension so your skins stay on.
  • Ever Dry anti-glopping treatment and a waterproof membrane make these safe to use in wet conditions.
  • Includes easy-to-use (puts other cutters to shame) Pomoca cutter with two blades and a Pomoca storage bag.
Question from Doug
Hey Ski MO Co.,

I have an older pair of these skins and I really like them. I am pretty careful with my skins and I found the glue failed me much faster than other skins I've owned and faster than less careful friends glue. I'll probably buy another pair anyways but I am curious whether it was just me or if this was a known issue Pomoca has addressed. These were the version with the rainbow tail straps.
Answer from Nate
Hi Doug, since your skins were made, Pomoca has definitely revised the glue formula which may help. Pomoca's newest glue formula is one of my favorites. It's not to hard to pull apart or remove, fairly resistant to icing up, and I usually get a full season before re-gluing. Depending on the brand your friends are using, there are some other glues that seem to last longer before needing to refresh, but they have more drawbacks in my opinion.
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Question from Sather Ekblad
Hey guys...need a new pair of winter/spring skins for voile vectors 170cm

I made a notch in the tip so either type of tip attachment is ok with me

I would like to avoid trimming as much as possible or pay u guys to trim when I get the skins....makes me ocd trying to do it myself


Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Sather, thanks for reaching out! Good work, putting a tip notch in a ski that otherwise doesn't have one is a SkimoCo approved modification! These will be great skins for your Vector as it's one of our most popular skins we have ever sold (possibly the most popular, but I can't verify that for sure). Unfortunately, we won't be able to trim the skins for you, however the Pomoca cutter is by far the easiest and most intuitive to use. From untrimmed and in the box to trimmed and on snow it only takes about 5 minutes. These skins are highly recommended!
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by Jonathan S (used product a few times)
I’ve used the version branded and cut specifically for the Nano. I have the La Sportiva proprietary attachment system so I can’t comment on the universal Pomoca attachments. But Five Stars overall for typical Euro momix glide combined with good yet not overly tacky glue. The laminate is though relatively “boardy” for this type of skin, which can be either a plus or minus depending on your perspective. See my full review under the La Sportiva version for more details.
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Question from Kevin
What size would you recommend for the Blizzard Zero G 95 in 178cm? It's dimensions are 128 / 95 / 111.5. Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Kevin, you want the 120mm x 166-177cm. Enjoy!
Answer from Kevin D
Thanks for the info. One more follow up - how do these compare to the pre-cut Pomoca skins that Blizzard sells for the Zero G?
Answer from jbo
Hi Kevin, we're told by Pomoca HQ that the Blizzard skins use the Race Pro formula, so in theory would be lighter and more glide-y.
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Question from Eric Schneider
I am wanting to use the 100 mm 166 cm to 177 cm for a 175 cm BD Helio 105. I am currently using 100 mm G3 Alpinist. Just looking for a lighter skin that grips as well and glides better. Is Pomoca Climb Pro Glide the one? Will the 80 mm tip loop work okay?

Answer from jbo
Hi Eric, yes the CPGs have good grip and great glide. Obviously you'd get more grip with a wider skin. The 95mm loops are probably better for that ski.
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Question from Andreas M
What size do you recommend for a pair of 178 DPS Lotus 120 Spoons? I'm thinking the Medium 140x166-177.
Answer from jbo
Hi Andreas, I haven't tested the spoons but you should be able to go a couple cm short on that, so it sounds right to me.
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Question from Adam
Thoughts on the right size for a DPS Wailer 112 RP2 Pure 3, 178 length? Thanks.
Answer from jbo
Hi Adam, the 166-177s seem to fit best on those.
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Question from mike
I just bought some dynafit denali skis, 176cm, 131-98-116
would the pomoca climb pro (all mohair) be as good as the climb pro glide (70/30 mohair/nylon) ?
what size should i order for those skis?
Answer from jbo
Hi Mike, the grip and glide is fairly comparable between those. The mohair packs up better, the mix is a bit more durable. But you should order the Dynafit skins, which have the tip and tail attachments for the Denali. They are made by Pomoca and consist of approximately the Climb Pro Glide formula.
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Question from Moops
What size would you recommend for the new DPS Wailer 106, in the Tour1 Construction?
Answer from jbo
Hi Moops, I'd do the 120mm wide skins for full coverage in the tail where it's important, and let you glide a bit more in the tip. The 140s would give you max grip.
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Question from PDS
I have a pair of Fischer Hannibal 100 180cm. What size would you recommend and what would I need for the tip connector? Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi PDS, I'd get the 120mm x 176-187. You can just use the square brackets that come with the skins. If you prefer to use the Fischer tip hole, you'd need to cut off the tips and put on some Contour hole adapters.
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