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Dynafit streamlined the Mercury pant enough to earn it a new number (2). Switching up the fabric mix and weaving the light lining into the inside of the shell material, the designers managed to shave 100 grams of weight and make it even more appropriate for active touring. The Mercury 2 pants have mesh-backed zip-vents on the thighs for dumping excess heat. They feature active-cut knees and abrasion-resistant breathable material. The weave is wind-resistant and water-repellent, yet mixed with elastane (spandex) in order to stretch with you. The pants now feature a Velcro adjustment on the waist to get the right fit, yet are also compatible with Dynafit Suspenders as backup. If you’re looking for a ski touring pant that adapts to many conditions, check out the new Dynafit Mercury DST (durable softshell).

  • Stretch woven softshell is wind and water resistant.
  • Ventilation zips on outer thigh have a fine mesh backing.
  • Waist is adjustable with a Velcro strap on both sides.
  • Adjustable internal gaiter keeps snow out of your boots.
  • Belt loops and suspender hooks enable backup support.
  • Two waist and one thigh pocket offer ample storage.
  • Shell is coated with a durable water repellent (DWR).
  • Durable scuff guards protect the lowers from skis.
convert to ounces
550g [M]
Ventilation Side zips
Pockets 2 side, 1 right thigh
Waist Velcro adjust, belt loops
Cuffs Snow gaiters
Specs Verified Yes
Fit Regular
Materials   Shell: 65% nylon, 26% polyester, 9% spandex
Lining: 100% polyester
Insulation N/A
Seams Overlock stitch
Lining Brushed
Coating DWR
Skimo Co Says
Usage Touring, mountaineering
Notes No expensive membrane
Bottom Line Functional and inexpensive pants
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Questions & Reviews

CDB (used product regularly)
I’ve used these as my sole backcountry pant for two seasons. They’re perfect for relaxed touring and very durable. They’re reasonably warm on their own with the fleece inner lining, but I usually put a base layer underneath. My only complaints are: 1) The leg openings don’t fit over my Zero G Tour Pro boots in walk mode. 2) The beacon pocket doesn’t have anything to attach a tether. 3) The sizing is confusing with US vs EU; I bought a US medium but should have bought an EU medium.
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Question from Alex
How warm do these get? Based on description it seems like these might be the thicker pant in Dynafit's touring pant selection. Would they still be fine for 40F spring touring?
Answer from jbo
Hi Alex, with the light brushed lining these are warmer than the TLT. However, they also have side zip vents so they can accommodate a wider temperature range. Some folks can manage with these in spring with the opens vents, others run too hot.
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Question from Alex Burnett
I am 5'8" 170 lbs, with a 32/33" waist and big thighs. What size should I go with? Would be nice to be able to still use the pockets around my thighs.
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Alex,

You will want either the Small or the Medium. The Small will likely be a pretty snug fit around the waist and thighs, although appropriate in length, so I would lean towards the Medium to give you more space in those areas, and considering that the waist is adjustable.
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Pavel S (used product a few times)
Overall nice pants, not for cold conditions and not sure yet about the waterproofness. Fit is tricky: I am 33 in waist, 5'10'' and about 180 lbs...length in M is just right but the seat area and thighs are tight. Pockets are small and weirdly placed and there aren't back pockets.
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Nils A (used product regularly)
I recently got my hands on the Dynafit Mercury 2 pants, and I must say, I'm impressed. While I haven't had the chance to test them in the rain, these pants have been fantastic for touring in good weather conditions. The stretchiness and leg vent provide optimal comfort during long hours on the mountain.

At 6'3" and 170lbs, I opted for a medium, which fits me perfectly, although the pockets can be a bit snug when filled. Overall, I would definitely recommend these pants to any fellow skiers looking for a high-quality touring option.
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Question from eric b
I notice the "Mercury Pro 2" pants are listed as discontinued.

Are these the same pants, simply with "Pro" dropped from the name?

I've used and abused my Mercury Pro 2 pants for the past 3 years (probably ~300 days of touring/ski mountaineering including rock scrambling) and they are still going strong. Love them so much I'd like to get another set.

Answer from jbo
Hi Eric, not quite. Dynafit actually had both pants in the line concurrently, with the Pro being a slightly different mix of fibers that made it a bit more windproof. In the end, they were too similar to keep both models.
Answer from eric b
Thank you for clarifying!

I should have bought a set of the Pro 2 a while back. I was hopeful the Mercury 2 was the same since the listed weight was the same.

Wonder if the Mercury 2 would be as incredibly valuable as the Pro 2 proved to be — literally every day from November through May in the Tetons!
Answer from jbo
Hi Eric, the deuce is pretty versatile as well with the light lining and side vents, I reach for them a ton.
Answer from eric b
Thank you. Ordered a new pair today (and a set of the Radical Infinium pants to try)!

I appreciate the amazing service provided by everyone on the Skimoco team!!
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Question from Arjun S
I ordered a medium in the Dynafit Mercury 2 Pant and the waist fit is snug, but I read the comments above saying they will stretch out over time. However the leg length seems a bit too long, I typically wear 30" inseam pants. Just wondering if there are any other softshell or hardshell pant options you recommend that come in a shorter length? For reference, I'm not completely opposed to wearing longer pants if there are no alternatives, I do have a pair of the Outdoor Research Skytour AscentShell Bibs that I like the performance of, which only come in 32" inseam.
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Arjun, all of our currently stocked pants come in a single "regular" length, so there isn't a particular pant I can recommend that would necessarily be shorter for a given waist size.
Answer from jbo
For what it's worth, I had someone make fun of me for wearing what looked like short pants when I was in my usual Dynafit size of the Radical Infinium.
Answer from Arjun S
Got it, thanks Gabriel.

Haha, appreciate your thoughts as well jbo!
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Question from Eddie V
Hello out there... I'm 5'5" with a 30" waist 29/30 inseam. Is x-small the right size or a small?
Answer from eric
Eddie- I would suggest going with the small size.
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Question from VTGuy3
I am 6'0 185lbs and am usually a 33" or 34" waist. I always seem to fall somewhere between a medium and large --- which do you recommend here? Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi VTGuy3, you should be fine with a medium on these. I ended up using the small and I'm typically a Dynafit medium.
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Question from Daniel Harber
Hello. I typically wear pants with a 32 or 33 inch waist. Not as worried about the length being exact. Can you recommend a size for me in these pants? Not sure after viewing the dynafit size chart. Thanks.
Answer from Jeremy L
Hi Daniel. The small will be on the slightly fitted side for you with the medium being a little more of a relaxed fit.
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Question from Jake D
Does the Mercury 2 run a bit cooler than the original Mercury with the 100 gram weight drop?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Jake,

Dynafit shaved 100g from generation one by switching to a one ply construction in the Mercury 2. The result is a pant that runs a little cooler, perfect for higher output activity.
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Question from waterboy1368
I am 5'10" and have a 34" waist 33" inch inseam in the Mercury would the size large be about right?
Answer from eric
The size large pant has a 35" waist fully open and a 33" inseam. Medium has a 34" inseam fully open and a 32" inseam. The Mercury pants do have velcro waist clossures that will help cinch things down some too.
Answer from Bruce M
Thank you very much.
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Norm L (used product a few times)
Haven’t had them long enough to provide long term durability but these seem like the perfect backcountry pants for me. Fit, I’m 5’8” 145 lbs. and the size small is good fit. Most pants that are sized small or mediums I’m usually right between sizes. These in a small are a perfect fit. I’d say they are 31x32 in inches.
Another big plus on these pants they have a fairly long rise in the waist. That means the front zipper is actually long enough to get things accomplished when you need to take a leak without having to struggle to get things in and out.
If you have big beefy boots the cuff might be too tight but for my TLT8 it’s a good fit.
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WasatchMcQuack (downright abused product)
I'm on my second pair of these after abusing the first pair over ~3 years. This updated version fits me better than in the past, where it was only made for skinny 7 foot Euro skimobros. I'm small and wide and this version fits me perfectly now. Adjustable waist for when I need to go eat wings after. The mesh on the vents is so nice compared to those just open to the air, especially when the weather is cranking. It breathes like a dream yet keeps me warm when needed. I'll be buying these for some time to come.
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Question from Kyle S
Are you guys getting a restock of these this season and if so what colors?
Answer from Ian C
Hey Kyle,
Indeed we are. We have "blackout" in all sizes and "red dahlia" in S, M, L on their way this season. If you would like us to set you up with notifications so you are alerted when they are inventoried at the shop, please write to!
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Neil B (used product regularly)
Great backcountry pants that have it all. Breathability, stretchability, and relatively lightweight. I tend to run a bit hot and most days these do not get hot because the side vents allow ample airflow. The inner gaiter covers my boots keeping snow out of boots, and the outer shell covers my boot nicely while still allowing easy access to change from climb to ski mode. Pockets are placed appropriately and the leg pocket is perfect for a phone or beacon. Overall, I really enjoy the pant and encourage anyone to pick up a pair.
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Logan D (used product regularly)
Bottom line - a workhorse touring pant, worth every penny.

Fit - I'm 5'8", 150lb, the US small (32) is perfect except they're a little long when I'm not in ski boots. The waist is a bit loose on me but I tighten it with the velcro. It does hug a little tighter in the rear end, but it makes the wife happy! In fact she loves them. The pant fits over my touring boots easily. The inner gaiter hugs the top of the boot with rubber and elastic, and does its job keeping out the powder as expected.

For men, we want freedom of movement so the stride isn't restricted on burly uphill climbs, but the crotch can't be too tight. A man's got to breathe! You don't wanna be choosing which side of the fence you're on, that's like so 1700's. I feel like this is a good balance.

Speaking of breathing - I'd say they're a step down from racing pants in terms of weight, warmth, and breathability. The side vents are easy to use and if you forget to close them on the descent, the tight-woven mesh fabric still keeps the powder out. They are totally windproof for those gusty days and they keep me warm even when I'm sweating like a pig. I sometimes add a thin baselayer but they are soft and comfy against the skin and I often find that even in the winter I don't need the baselayer under these.

Durability - nylon won't stand up to being pinched between a razor-sharp ski edge and a boot. These are reinforced around the boot, but mine do have a couple of small holes. I think they're as durable as one can expect.

Material - I don't know why anyone would ever go with goretex or similar "waterproof, breathable" pants for backcountry skiing unless you're planning to ski in a heavy rain storm! Soft shell fabric is the way to go for your shell, top and bottom. Just enough protection from the elements, but so much more breathable and more stretch. And I love how they're soft on the inside. Feels nice and never gets "clammy" when wet.

Pockets - Love the shallower, smaller upper pockets for my keys to keep them warm. The 3rd lower pocket? Well, who puts stuff on their lower thighs when skiing?? Seems redundant, oddly placed, like maybe it's for fashion? It is nice that your phone or wallet can go there and not impair hip flexion but I never use it.
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Question from Brent
I tried on a pair of the Mercury pants the other day. They seem like exactly what I'm looking for in terms of material, weight, non-elastic adjustable waist, pockets, etc. One problem, they are just a bit too snug in the seat and hips, enough to feel like they are fighting my stride. I have some lighter weight Dynafit Transalper pants from a couple years back that fit me very well, baggy even, so I was surprised. I'm 6'0'' 170lbs, runner build, a little more booty from skiing than your average runner but nothing spectacular. I fit a lot of medium products out there. I tried a medium in the Mercury pants, and I'm about to order a Large from you guys but I suspect the length and leg volume might be wrong. Aside form the Nomix and Millets that you mentioned in the other answer here, do you have any other pants that would be similar? I do like having vents in warmer pants so not sure about the Nomix.
Answer from Nate
Hi Brent, I totally hear where you are coming from. The Mercury pant can definitely start out feeling a bit more snug. One thing I would mention is that they seem to relax and stretch quite a bit over time. After 2 season in them, I barely recognize the original fit. My wife has experienced similar relaxation in her Mercury pants as well. The one other pant I would suggest considering if you are set on getting away from the Mercury would be the Millet Extreme Rutor Shield Pant
Answer from Brent
Thanks, that's good to know. It wouldn't take much relaxation to fix the fit for me. I'll give the Mercury pants a real shot. Should I wear them into the hot springs to speed up the process to 1 season? Surfing? Hot yoga? Never tried heat molding pants. What could possibly go wrong? Just kidding.
Answer from Brent
Took them for a tour this morning, then a few hours on the hill at mammoth. Great pants! Comfy and the mobility is excellent. Warm enough without being too hot, and the vents work well. The fit is working out fine. Thanks!
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Question from doug
I have a 32-33" waist and am 6"3" 185 lbs with fairly big legs, seems like I'd be swimming in the large, but would medium be pretty tight?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Doug! Large, for sure. Medium would be so tight around the legs and the waist is adjustable enough that it'd be pretty easy cinch it down with the velcro.
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Question from Jesse
If I am a size 30 waist, with legs on the longer side (6'0", 145 lbs), what size do you think I should get these in?
Also, any idea how they compare to the Mercury Pro WST? Any chance they would be too warm for spring use?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Jesse, thanks for reaching out. It's tough to say exactly as your waist is better suited to a Small while your legs seem like they'd be better in a Large. I think splitting the difference to get a Medium would be the best solution, however that's only because I think getting a Small or a Large would be even worse as far as fit goes.

I have a similar waist to leg length issue (only I have really short legs for my 5' 9" stature) and have found that the Crazy Idea Nomix Pant has one of the longest leg lengths for the waist. It's basically the Crazy Idea version of the Mercury 2 pant, just with a slightly different cut (a bit more tapered through the leg, more space in the caboose/trunk/booty). No side vents though, so if that's the reason you like the Mercury 2 then I'd stay away from the Nomix.

Another one worth looking at is the Millet LTK XCS Pant. Same length as the Nomix, but ever so slightly baggier (basically the same, but it's slightly different), but a very similar finish to the Mercury 2.
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