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Find replacement hardware for SCARPA boots here. All parts sold as individuals unless noted otherwise.

Alien 1.0 Cuff Bushing - The bushing that helps your boot walk and is probably worn out if you’re looking for it.

Alien 1.0 Knurled Cuff Spacer - A ridged spacer used in the cuff pivot of the Alien 1.0 (old model).

Alien 1.0 Outside Cuff Washer - The outermost washer on your Alien 1.0 (old model) that helps keep the bolt tight while retaining walking ability.

Alien 1.0 Cuff Nut - The hexagonal threaded cuff nut that works in conjunction with the outside cuff washer and cuff screw to assemble the cuff pivot.

Alien Cuff Nut - The threaded cuff nut that works in conjunction with the outside cuff washer and cuff screw to assemble the cuff pivot.

Alien Cuff Screw - The screw that holds the Alien cuff pivot together.

Alien Outside Cuff Washer - The outside cuff washer for the first-generation Alien.

Alien Powerstrap Holder - The little clip that attaches onto the cuff of the Alien. Easy to lose but even easier to replace.

Short Rivet - Short rivest for buckels and eyelets for the Alien 1.0 and 3.0

Alien RS Rivet Long - The rivet used to affix cable guides and the leash ring to the cuff of the Alien RS.

Alien Tongue Screw - The small torx screw that attaches the tongue and Boa assembly to the shell of the boot.

AT Boots Catch Screw - The screw that bolts your ski/walk lever or buckle catch to your cuff or lower shell.

F1 Inside Cuff Nut - The nut that goes on the inside of the cuff pivot to help keep everything tensioned appropriately.

F1 Outside Cuff Washer - The external cuff washer that keeps your boots walking freely and looking pretty on an F1 or the outside lateral cuff pivot of a Maestrale or Gea 2.0/3.0.

F1/F1 LT Buckle Rivet - The rivet that attaches the cuff buckle to the cuff of F1-series boots.

F1/Maestrale/Gea Tongue Screw - The screw that attaches the tongue of the F1/Maestrale/Gea to the lower shell.

F1 Cuff Pivot/Freedom Buckle Ladder Screw - The screw that secures the cuff pivot on the F1 and F1 LT. Used as the outside lateral cuff screw on Maestrale or Gea 2.0/3.0 boots. Also attaches the ladder to the Freedom series boots.

Maestrale/Gea RS 2.0 Ski/Walk Mech Screw - The screw holding the Ski-Walk mechanism onto your Maestrale or Gea RS 2.0 boot.

Maestrale/Gea RS 2.0 Cuff Nut - The nut for the lateral cuff pivot on your Maestrale or Gea RS 2.0. Goes with the F1 Cuff Pivot screw.

Maestrale/Gea RS 2.0 Cuff Screw Blk - The screw that holds the inside cuff pivot and instep strap together.

Maestrale/Gea RS 2.0 Instep Strap Nut - The nut that holds both the inside cuff pivot and the instep strap.

Maestrale/Gea RS 2.0 Instep Buckle Rivet - The rivet that fastens the instep buckle to the boot.

Maestrale/Gea RS 2.0 Instep Buckle Washer - The washer that prevents the Instep Buckle Rivet from sliding out.

Maestrale/Gea RS 2.0 Upper Wave Catch Nut - The nut that holds the end of the Wave Cable to the boot shell below the instep buckle.

Maestrale/Gea RS 2.0 Shell Wave Cable Guide - The black piece that guides the Wave Cable back around on the lower shell nearest the toe.

Maestrale/Gea RS 2.0 Wave Cable Guide Nut: The nut that affixes the Wave Cable Guide to the boot.

Maestrale/Gea Shell Cable Screw - The screw that affixes both the toe-end of the Wave Cable as well as the Cuff Buckle Catch.

Outer Cuff Screw - A silver screw that holds the outer cuff pivot together on Maestrale/Gea series boots.

Rivet Holder - A metal washer for anchoring rivets that is used by the Maestrale, Gea, Alien, F1, F1 LT, and Alien RS.

Rear Tech Fitting - An individual heel fitting. Compatible with most any tech boot. (screw not included)

Square Inside Cuff Nut - Nut for the cuff pivot on first gen Maestrale/Gea boots.

Tech Heel Sole Screw - Screw that is used to mount Rear Tech Fitting to the heel of the boot.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Abc
Will the Alien 1.0 bushing work on the 3.0?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Abc, no, the Alien 3.0 bushing has a longer cylindrical shape and a smaller internal diameter.
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Question from Thomas
I have a pair of Scarpa Maestrale RS boots from 2019 (the black/white/lime green ones). I need to replace one of the power straps as well as one of the whole cuff catch assemblies (cuff catch, screw, and nut). All of the parts listed here look a little bit different than those on my boots, I assume because they are meant for the newer models. Will they still work with my older boots?
Answer from Emmett I
Hi Thomas, all of the hardware listed on this page should work for your older model just fine.
Answer this question:

Question from Peter

I am looking for the same cuff screw and nut for Maestrale RS 2.0 that Emmett provided advice on in the comments above in 2023. However, it seems that the items that he specified are no longer listed in inventory. Can you tell me if the cuff nut and screw are now listed under different names?
Answer from Emmett I
Peter, we do have the screws and nuts in stock at the moment. The screw is on this listing (Maestrale/Gea Shell Cable screw), and the nut is available on our SCARPA Buckles and Straps listing, called Maestrale RS 2.0 Wave Cable Tongue Nut.
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Question from Clifford
I am looking for a maestrale tongue hinge hold down. Do you have any in stock?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Clifford, it looks like SCARPA does not have any more Maestrale/Gea Tongue Hinges available for the foreseeable future.

As that tongue hinge design hasn't been around for a while, it's possible that we may not be able to get that part anymore. If that ends up being the case, we have heard of folks successfully doing DIY fix. A bit of sheet metal and a drill might get you up and running again!
Answer this question:

Question from Jorgen Jalland
Hello Scarpa Team. I need replacement for Maestrale tongue hinges. Are they back in stock soon?

Best regards,
Answer from Lrow
Hi Jørgen,

Our buyer just verified it looks like that part isn't available for the foreseeable future.
Answer this question:

Question from Nico Matallana
Hi there,
I have the original Maestrales and the outer cuff cant screw got stripped out. I'm seeing the Freedom Outside Cant Screw in your selection, is this compatible or should I look somewhere else?
Answer from Will McD
Hi Nico,
The Freedom Outside Cant Screw is what you need to fix that... mostly. I actually installed one of these on the exact same model of Maestrale this morning, and I found that I wasn't able to screw it in all the way. I fixed this by tapping the nut with an M6 1.0 thread pitch tap. If you don't have access to a tap, you can replace the nut with the Canting Nut that is listed on this page, which will also allow you to fully tighten the screw.
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Question from Greg
The washer on the outer cuff popped off on both of my 3year old maestrales. Just want to double check which item those would be listed under?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Greg, that washer looks to be the "F1 Outside Cuff Washer" on this page. The same part number is cross listed on the Maestrale spec sheet.
Answer this question:

Question from Darren
Im looking for a Maestrale tongue hinge. I dont see it on the drop down menu, any chance you have one?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Darren, we're out for this season but would expect to restock in the fall before next winter.
Answer this question:

Question from Mike Curiak
I recently had a cuff pivot washer and bolt fall out while on a multi-day tour. Dohp. Apparently loctite and fresh torque are not enough...

They are the F1 Race (bellowed) boots. I see a few similar looking options in your dropdown, but it's hard to tell if the diameter/geometry of any of your offerings are correct for these shells. Thank you.
Answer from Jeff
Hi Mike, Yeah, tough to say. Can you email us at to help. Send us the diameter of the washer.
Answer this question:

Question from Will

Are you out of stock on the F1 Inside Cuff Nut?

Would the alien cuff nut work instead?

Answer from Jeff
Will, Yes we are out. It is a different part and I am going with no.
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Question from Todd Dundon
I am looking for the screw & matching nut to secure the upper cuff buckle catch on my Maestrale RS 2.0's (indicated by the arrow in the photo). I think you may have answered this recently but I need to be 100% sure I'm ordering the correct parts as your shipping to Canada is extremely steep!
Answer from Emmett I

You'll want the Maestrale/Gea Shell Cable screw and the Wave Cable Tongue Nut found on our SCARPA Buckles and Straps listing.
Answer this question:

Question from Dany
Do you have this part circle in yellow (see picture) of Maestrale 6-7 year old? thank's
Answer from Patrick C

Unfortunately, SCARPA is out of stock of this part and we are not sure when we will see more. If you send us an e-mail to we can set you up for a notification that will alert you when we have more Canting Cams in stock. Hope this helps!
Answer this question:

Question from Jeff Hylok
I’m looking for inside cuff mounting hardware for a pair of Scarpa Freedom RS. any suggestions? I see various F1 and Alien parts which look close to the bolt and washes that I’m missing.

I can’t find the inside cuff hardware on the Scarpa site.

Answer from Jeff
Hey Jeff, We have it, it is the F1 parts
F1 Cuff Pivot/Freedom Buckle Ladder Screw
F1 Inside Cuff Nut
F1 Outside Cuff Washer
Answer this question:

Question from Joe

I recently had the main pivot (outer cuff?) screw and washer disappear from one of my Mastrale boots. Looking at the other boot it seems like this is a silver hex cap screw with a special black washer. These are an older model from ~5 years ago. Do you stock replacement parts for this mechanism?

Photo attached.

Thank you!
Answer from Emmett I
Hi Joe,

You'll want the F1 Cuff Pivot/Freedom Buckle Ladder Screw and the F1 Outside Cuff Washer. SCARPA has a good amount of overlap with their parts.
Answer this question:

Question from Anna Trakhman
what all should I order to replace this missing piece? The backing plate is all that's left. These are a 2015 version of the Scarpa Gea RS.

-Looks like maybe a new canting nut (or not necessary)? I do have the old one, that's the only piece left.
-a canting cam
-but what about that larger missing ring? I couldn't identify a part which matched up that one but may be overlooking.

Also, would I need any specialized tools for this repair, ones beyond the basics in my toolset (wrenches, screw drivers, etc.) What kind of glue is best? Perhaps just loctite?

Answer from Tristan M
Hi Anna,

The parts that you need for a full replacement on the outer pivot point on the GEA are as follows:

F1 Cuff Pivot/ Freedom Buckle Ladder Screw
F1 Inside Cuff Nut (this is the part that you already have)
F1 Outside Cuff Washer

As for tools, all you will need is two allen wrenches and blue loctite!
Answer from Anna T
thanks so much for this quick reply, Tristan! One point of clarification -

As for the F1 inside cuff nut, this actually looks different than that backing plate looking part I mentioned was still remaining in the first post.

I couldn't add two photos to my original, so here's what I'm referring to:
It looks most like the Canting Nut, not the F1inside cuff nut.

Answer this question:

Question from Jordan Delaney
Hi! Wondering if\when you will have any Maestrale tongue hinges in stock.
Answer from Jeff
Jordan, Skimo always has these parts on order. I just checked, and Scarpa is out for the foreseeable future. So I can't say when they will be back in stock.
Answer this question:

Question from Nika G
Hi there,

I have lost cuff catch on my Scarpa Maestrale boots

I need to order it as soon as possible. I have found the exact catch but couldn't find it's nut and screw, not sure how it is listed above

Please tell me the name of nut and screw. Thank you in advance
Answer from Brett S
Hey Nika, for the screw you will need the Maestrale/Gea Shell Cable Screw. The nut for the older Maestrale boots cuff catch is actually the same as the F1/Alien 1.0 Ski/Walk Lower Latch Nut, which is in a different listing: SCARPA Ski-Walk Mechanism Parts. Hope that helps!
Answer this question:

Question from Jake D
If I want to replace all of the cuff pivot hardware on a pair of 2017/2018 F1s, should I be ordering 4x of the following?

- F1 Inside Cuff Nut
- F1 Outside Cuff Washer
- F1 Cuff Pivot/Freedom Buckle Ladder Screw

Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Jake. You're correct!
Answer this question:

Question from Paul Magnus Calabro
Hi SkimoCo!
Yesterday I broke the rivet that connects the cam hook for the laces on my Scarpa Alien RS to the plastic of the boot. I think I can probably get by with a hardware store rivet, but would just as soon buy the right parts...
I THINK I need the "alien RS rivet long, yellow... Does that seem right? Do I need another half for the rivet, whether it's an actual rivet part or like, a screw or something? The plastic housing looks undamaged, I just need to reattach that cam hook to the book shell. I'm happy to order a few parts and go with whatever works, if that's what you'd suggest.
Thanks SkimoCo! Love you guys/gals!
Answer from Jeremy L
Hello Paul! That is the rivet you need. It's just the single piece and you'd likely need a rivet press to get that in properly.
Answer this question:

Question from dan
Hi! I am looking for a replacement hinge for the tongue of my boot. 1 hinge has broken where the metal bends to meet the screw. Seems like its not a part sold many places. Recommendations welcome!
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Dan,

It sounds like you are looking for a Maestrale/Gea Tongue Hinge, which can be found in the drop down above! If you have further boot questions, feel free to reach out to
Answer this question:

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