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Alien 1.0 Cuff Bushing: The bushing that helps your boot walk and is probably worn out if you’re looking for it.

Alien 1.0 Knurled Cuff Spacer

Alien 1.0 Outside Cuff Washer: The outermost washer on your Alien 1.0 that helps keep the bolt tight while retaining walking ability.

Alien Cuff Nut: The threaded cuff nut that works in conjunction with the outside cuff washer and cuff screw to assemble the cuff pivot.

Alien Cuff Screw: The screw that holds the Alien cuff pivot together.

Alien Outside Cuff Washer: The outside cuff washer for the first-generation Alien.

Alien Powerstrap Holder: The little clip that attaches onto the cuff of the Alien. Easy to lose but even easier to replace.

Alien Rivet: The cuff rivets for the Alien and Alien 1.0.

Alien Tongue Screw: The small torx screw that attaches the tongue and Boa assembly to the shell of the boot.

AT Boots Catch Screw: The screw that bolts your ski/walk lever or catch to your cuff or lower shell.

F1 Inside Cuff Nut: The nut that goes on the inside of the cuff pivot to help keep everything tensioned appropriately.

F1 Outside Cuff Washer: The external cuff washer that keeps your boots walking freely and looking pretty.

F1/Maestrale/Gea Tongue Screw: The screw that attaches the tongue of the F1/Maestrale/Gea to the lower shell.

Freedom Buckle Ladder Screw: The screw that attaches the ladder to the Freedom series boots.

Rear Tech Fitting: An individual heel fitting. Compatible with most any tech boot.

Question from Ramon Garcia
Hello, I lose the cant screws of maestrale orange, black and blue. I found the picture of the cant kit in your webside, but I don’t know the name you give it to buy it. I attach the picture.
Answer from Patrick C
Hello! I want to make sure that I understand what you mean by the, "cant screws," before telling you which part is appropriate. If you can send a picture of the broken piece on your boot to help@skimo.co we can help you from there. I look forward to hearing from you!

Patrick // Skimo Co
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Question from Demetri V.
This question may have been answered above, but I just want to confirm. I have the (2015? 2016? 2017?) Scarpa Maestrale RS boots. Specifically, these are the ones with the white lower, black cuff, and orange/blue buckles (see attached image). This boot uses Scarpa's "Axial Alpine Technology." Which is fancy-speak for the tongue that swings out to the side. This tongue pivots about two grey (plastic?) hinges, and I have broken one of mine.

I know that Scarpa makes a replacement kit for these, but I can't seem to purchase them off of the Scarpa website. I noticed that one of the Scarpa Hardware options that you have is "Maestrale/Gea Tongue Hinge" and "Maestrale/Gea Tongue Nut." Would these be the replacement parts that I'm looking for?
Answer from TSB
Hi Demitri, while I don't believe the tongue hinge or tongue nut are *exactly* what was specc'ed on your Maestrale RS (that looks like the 2015/16 vintage), they're as close to OEM as you'll be able to get! If you can send us some photos at help@skimo.co with metric measurements of the rivet hole and hinge length, we can confirm the fit on the parts.
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Question from Lee A Fortin
I need all the inner and outer cuff pivot hardware for the Scarpa F1. Do you have a kit for this or do I need to order individual parts? If it is individual parts what are they?
Answer from TSB
Hey Lee, we do stock the inner and outer pieces for the F1 pivots; however, we're out of stock of the interior piece. Reach out to help@skimo.co to set up a special order or find a replacement part.
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Question from martin
On my Alien 1.0 the cuff bushing is probably worn out. Do I need special tools to replace this? I already tried to open the cuff screws using allen wrench but this needs quite a lot of force, so I stopped trying.
thanks, Martin
Answer from Jeff M
Martin, no special tools required. Probably the Loctite is tight. You can apply some WD 40 to loosen it up. And/or apply some heat to the screwhead to break it free.
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Question from Rebekah Schroeder
I have the maestrale Rs ski boot. White with orange. Both the Cant screw are washer are missing. Do you have both? I sent a picture of the hardware I’m missing
Answer from Jeff M
Rebekah, We have the washer and the T nut that goes in the boot, which sounds like you still have. But not the screw. I went through the box and none of the screws will work. The washer is the 'Canting cam'
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Do you have the hinges for the Maestrale RS that hold the instep cuff to the boot and allows it to flip out of the way?
Answer from jbo
Hi Dirk, I assume you mean the Maestrale 1.0? Unfortunately we do not have any of those.
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