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Toby W

Toby W




5' 11"


175 lbs

Shoe Size

US 10.50

Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:


Recent Posts

I did put the system i the photo together and it works great. I used a paper clip to attach a B&D Leash thru one of the holes in the front lever. A tight squeeze but it works. Then I just twisted the paperclip to the fuse in the leash. I could also have used a connector fisherman use with a specific breaking strength. I found that attaching a leash to the rear binding ends up being a bit of a mess when touring uphill.
This is a great ski that weigh in at race ski weights AND skis like a much bigger heavier ski. It carves well, has a nice wide slightly rockered tip that gives it the ability to really ski downhill in variable conditions. I am using it with the Fisher Travers Carbon boot and a KREUZSPITZE SCTT binding. It is a dream set up. I am very impressed and most likely will be using a bit less of my quiver. Oh well..... Such is life. Ke Garne....
Regarding setting up a leash from the heel, I would love to hear some specifics on the leash system. I tried a very simple system with some elastic type cord (will break if needed to) but it did not work out very well as the whole thing ended up under my boot when in touring mode, going uphill. Works fine going downhill. I have always used a toe attachment which does not have this problem. Any suggestions. Thanks in advance.
Hello from Kyrgyzstan. I am here for the winter and have q question for you. I have a pair of Fischer Hannibal 94 with Dynafit TLT Radical 2.0 bindings. The ski is light but the bindings are not as I am now skiing on the set up I bought from you this summer. I am skiing with a pair of Fischer Carbon Ski Mo boots I bought from you. I want to ski the Hannibals at times with these boots and am considering putting a pair of Superlight 2.0 heels on the skis (with Quiver Killers). What do you think? How do you th...

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