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Michael H

Michael H




5' 11"


160 lbs

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Type III - Aggressive

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I just used these for the first time this weekend. It was wet at Shasta and the stuff I'd normally walk straight up, required traversing. Bust out the crampons and Voila! walking up straight again. They are very light and glide reasonably well. They pair great with the Hagen Core binding.
If you haven't cut it yet, you can remove the whole toe piece and remove that white switch, keeping it for later if you want to sell the rig intact, but keep the crampon.
Will, I have this binding and just bought the ATK for it. It was wet enough this weekend from the heat that my normally super grippy skins were slipping on things they'd typically walk up. The crampons worked like a charm. They are very light and I was able to walk up pitches by hiking buddy was climbing in his snow shoes. Get the ATK. You won't be disappointed.
Here's the ski on its first trip out! Sorry I left off a pic of the binding. As an additional side note, we were up on Shasta and a buddy who skis on Dynafits handed me his ski to put some Butter overlay on. When I put it back on the snow, it almost rocketed into the next bowl. He forgot to rotate the heel. The Hagen brake pops down when the toe opens, so this is never a problem.
Here they are on their Maiden Voyage!

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