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Hagan Core Binding

Brand: Hagan
Model: Core
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It’s like skiing on rails. The Hagan Core binding is a powerful, full-featured binding that is amazingly light on the climb. Several nifty innovations make the Core a polished product with excellent skiing and release properties. A patented system lets the heel-pins rotate about a pivot versus travelling on a flat axis like traditional “U” springs. This enables easy step-in with improved retention and release characteristics. The heel housing also rides on a spring, absorbing energy and providing an elastic response to ski flex. Also of note, the climbing risers are very slick! Magnets keep them in place but are easily changed with a flick of the pole. They can be used on either side of the tower, meaning there are fully 5 different height positions. Refinements to the toe piece make the Hagan Core easy to step into and less affected by boot wear. A brake in integrated which stays retracted while touring and deploys in a pinch. Summed up, the Core binding will become a staple of your fleet, ready to tackle the biggest mountains.

  • Heel Elastic Response System (E.R.S.) absorbs energy during compressions.
  • CAM heel system provides better precision and release with pivoting heel pins.
  • Smooth magnetic risers prevent floppin' and can be used in either direction.
  • Unique toe brakes stop runaway skis yet won’t interfere with lateral release.
  • Fully adjustable release values range from 5-12 on the “RV” scale.
  • 30mm of heel adjustment will help you fit a range of boots.
  • Integrated crampon receptor will be nice come spring.
-> ounces
370g [97mm]
372g [108mm]
Weight (pair) 740g [97mm]
742g [108mm]
Boot Compatibility Tech
Brakes 86mm, 97mm, 108mm
BSL Adjustment 30mm
Riser Heights 4 + flat
Vertical Release 5-12
Lateral Release 5-12
Crampon Ready Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials Aluminum, Stainless steel
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski touring
Notes Has flat mode and 4 riser heights
Bottom Line Light weight full-featured binding with brakes
Question from Adam
These are the same bindings as the ATK Raider 2.0, correct?
Answer from jbo
Hi Adam, yes they are, but in Skimo blue!
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Question from Evan
How does the ski mode's ramp angle compare with other bindings, like the Vipec?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Evan! We've got a huge article that nerds out on the ramp angles/deltas that can be found here, but the Hagan Core has a +10.5mm delta and the Vipec is +10. We haven't measured the Vipec Evo though so I can't verify for sure if the newest model is the same, but I think the pin heights and geometry remained the same between the new model and the old model, so I believe it's still +10mm.
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Question from Fedor Farberov
What is recommended heel gap for these bindings?
Answer from jbo
Hi Fedor! It is 4mm.
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Question from Pat
Do these binding have same screw pattern as dynafit? eg, can I replace dynafit bindings with these and use same screw holes?
Answer from jbo
Hi Pat, likely not, but you may be able to reuse some holes. See here for a list of all the mounting patterns to find your specific model.
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Question from Will
What brand of ski crampon works with these?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Will! It's a "Dynafit style" crampon mount so a Dynafit crampon will work, but ATK is definitely the preferred crampon (and my personal favorite) for the Core!
Answer from Michael H
Will, I have this binding and just bought the ATK for it. It was wet enough this weekend from the heat that my normally super grippy skins were slipping on things they'd typically walk up. The crampons worked like a charm. They are very light and I was able to walk up pitches by hiking buddy was climbing in his snow shoes. Get the ATK. You won't be disappointed.
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by Michael H (used product a few times)
I have the Core paired with the 177 Movement Apex. All I can say is WOW! They're easy to get in, are very light, but ski better than the Radical FT it replaced. What a great combo!
Reply from Michael H
Here's the ski on its first trip out! Sorry I left off a pic of the binding. As an additional side note, we were up on Shasta and a buddy who skis on Dynafits handed me his ski to put some Butter overlay on. When I put it back on the snow, it almost rocketed into the next bowl. He forgot to rotate the heel. The Hagen brake pops down when the toe opens, so this is never a problem.
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Question from ta123
At this point leaning toward going with a Hagan Core. Questions,

1) Is the Hagan Core manufactured by Hagan or ATK? From what I have read, it is somewhat confusing.
2) I will be mounting to Voile V8 186 at 115mm underfoot. Does Hagan Core offer a compatible brake width?
3) Is it possible to remove the entire brake assembly from the toe piece if desired , as opposed to just the actual brake itself?
4) Is the toe/heal screw hole mounting pattern wider than typical? Would you know if the mounting pattern of the Core exceeds the re-enforced binding mounting area on the Voile V8?

Thank you for you help and assistance.

Answer from Nate
Hi Tony, the Core was designed in conjunction with ATK and is a significant improvement over the Raider 12. Currently 108mm is the widest brake available; it barely fits over a Wailer 112. It's close, and may work with your V8 with some bending, but the stopping power may be compromised to some degree. You can remove the brake itself, but the supports for it are built into the toe piece and cannot be removed. The toe pattern is 30mm wide by 27mm long, and the heel is 45mm wide by 60mm long. I've spoken with Voile and the dimensions of this mounting pattern fit well inside their mounting plate dimensions, provided you are mounting on their recommended midsole location.
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Question from kevin
Can you tell me what the pin height difference is between heel and toe on this binding? I notice it isn't on your chart that lists this. Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Kevin, I've taken those measurements for you. The Core binding has a +10.5mm delta.
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