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ATK Ski Crampons

Brand: Hagan
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It's hard to argue with stronger and lighter. Comprised of an extremely lightweight alloy, ATK was quick to place themselves front and center in the eyes of the alpine touring crowd with a knockout ski crampon. Designed by Batman himself, this sinister looking crampon inspires confidence in steep terrain.

Sold in pairs with a black carrying pouch. Please note that these are exactly the width specified and are compatible with most race style toe pieces excluding Plum.

Width Weight (g) Weight(oz)
75mm 67 2.4
86mm 70 2.5
97mm 77 2.7
Question from Brendan
will these work with original speed radicals?
Answer from jbo
Hi Brendan, they sure do!
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by Michael H (used product a few times)
I just used these for the first time this weekend. It was wet at Shasta and the stuff I'd normally walk straight up, required traversing. Bust out the crampons and Voila! walking up straight again. They are very light and glide reasonably well. They pair great with the Hagen Core binding.
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Question from Eric S
Hey guys, I just received my ATK race crampons from you, but I hadn't appreciated that the reinforcement bar would prevent them from working on my Dynafit Vertical ST bindings. I might want to send them back to you but... it occurs to me I could just cut off the excess plastic on those bindings anyway. While recognizing that you can't be held responsible if I screw that up... what do you think?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Eric, thanks for reaching out. Ouch, that's a bummer, unfortunately you're not the first person to have this issue. The plastic molding aft of the toe piece that is preventing the crampons from sitting flat isn't crucial to the structural integrity of the binding and could totally be removed. Unofficially, we support your experiment and endeavor and it'll work just fine (if it was my binding, I'd do it). Officially though we, as a shop, can't recommend it because bindings aren't designed to be modified like that! ;) All that being said, we'd be happy to exchange them for you if you'd rather not start modifying bindings like that.
Answer from Eric S
OK, cool thanks. I will decide shortly what to do and let y'all know.
Answer from Michael H
If you haven't cut it yet, you can remove the whole toe piece and remove that white switch, keeping it for later if you want to sell the rig intact, but keep the crampon.
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Comment from Thomas C (hasn't used product)
The quality and weight of these both seem excellent, but unfortunately they will not work on Dynafit Comfort bindings (post-2007). The extended plastic behind the toe piece interferes with the bar across the center cutout on the crampon.
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Question from Tom
Is the larger size available 97 or 91? (see 97 in dropdown, but 91 in weight chart)
Answer from Nate
Hi Tom,

The 91mm crampon is no longer available, 97mm is available though. I just weighed the 97mm crampons and they weighed 77g each.
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Question from Paul

Will these fit on a Plum Guide (newer version)? And will 75mm be ok on a Backland65 UL ski?

Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Paul, these crampons have a Dynafit style compatibility and don't fit on Plum bindings. 75mm will be fine on a Backland UL 65. If I were you, I would check out the Plum crampons.
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Question from Dillon
Hi there, my Voile Superchargers measure 107mm wide underfoot and I have ATK Race bindings - Will the 108 provide adequate clearance or do I need to size up to the 110 Dynafit crampon? (I assume they are compatible) Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Dillon, it will be close as they are exactly 108mm wide. It will depend on your boot size and mounting location how far from the skinniest portion the crampon will sit. The Dynafit will work, yes.
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Question from Scott
What is the distance from center of the round bar to the back of the open area? Wondering about utilizing these in conjunction with Scarpa F3 forefoot shim. Thank you.
Answer from jbo
Hi Scott, that distance measures 46mm. The window itself is 37mm, measured to the aluminum strip behind the cylindrical bar.
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Question from David
Do you have a wt on this crampon?
How does it compare to the dynafit speed? Thanks
Answer from jbo
Hi David, I weighed the 75mm version at 68 grams. Unfortunately I don't have a verified weight for the Dynafit Speed Crampon as it is not currently offered in the US. I found some specs for the older 78mm version (before they widened all the crampons by 4mm) that says it weighed 63 grams, so I'm guessing the difference now is negligible.
Answer from Jonathan S
I'm getting somewhere in the low 60s for my pair of Dynafit Speed 82 ski crampons.
(My scale bounces around between the nearest 5g increment.)
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