Skimo Co





5' 6"


130 lbs

Shoe Size

US 8.00

Skier Type

Type II - Moderate

Ski Frequency:

50 - 99 days / year


My Skiing

Ski mountaineering, powder skiing, long, human-powered traverses and big vert days :)

My Gear

Voile Hyper V8s, HyperVectors, WSPs
Salomon Mtn, Plum Oazo 6, Helio 145
Atomic Backland Carbon

Recent Posts

I will come back and update this after more use, but so far I'm not in love with these skins. They grip and glide just fine, but they SUPER saturate with water in spring snow and become extremely heavy when wet. I didn't have problems with them sticking, but I didn't do a ton of transitions. The metal tail clips are pretty annoying, and these skins are kind of heavy for the ultra light skis they pair with. I got these and also homemade a pair of SkiTrab skins (tailless) for my Atomic 85 ULs, and on a recen...
Well, I wrote "used a few times" because I put this on my skins once, last year, and it has performed great ever since. Love the earth? Hate glopping? I highly recommend this! I carry globstopper in my bag, but in writing this review, just realized that I have not used it once since applying this skin wax to my pomoca skins last spring-- and they still did not glop this spring. Works for me!!
Great performance! High glide, classic Pomoca glue--reliably sticky if kept mostly dry, and easy to rip off the skis. Made a long skinny pair of skins for my Madshus backcountry touring nordic skis. Works great for low angle climbing but glides beautifully for maximum efficiency!
I've used this for lightweight, long distance glacier traverses and for volunteer mountaineering rescue patrols. It's great for the light and long trips as it takes up no space in the pack. Easy enough to put on while wearing skis, and.. as a woman.. easy enough to pull down to pee. I brought this along on a 120 mile traverse through the Wrangells which required a 40+ lbs pack--so I was thankful for its light weight, but also importantly, the harness interfaced well with the hipbelt on my pack. I was still ...
Yeah, these crampons are the ones. For a bit of extra weight, they're a lot more versatile than the all-aluminum crampons. The steel toe holds up better on rock and glacier ice, so I find these to be a better choice for Alaska. They're still small, light, and take up very little space in the pack. The adjustment system is fiddly, but once you get it set, it works. I've had no issues with these crampons, they are super secure, and not a pain to throw in the pack! I've used them both with the automatic attach...

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