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For years, the weight-weenies of the world have been applying Crisco, butter, and various oil-based lotions to their skis to prevent snow buildup on the top sheets. The preferred anti-snow solution is highly dependent upon the geographic location of the skier. The French and Italians use artisanally crafted, organic, grass-fed butter that was tenderly gathered and deliberately hand-churned straight from the family cow in the backyard pasture. Most Americans opt to lather a Costco sized bucket of Crisco onto their skis and call it good. MountainFLOW has come up with a happy medium that mixes the best of both worlds. The Anti-stick spray combines the cost-effective and convenient nature of the Crisco method and the eco-friendly European method into one sweet product. Lather onto your topsheets and stop that pesky snow from free-loading on your hard work.

You don’t have to be a weight-weenie to know that when your fancy new skis get snow piled on top of them, they weigh a lot more. And since both butter and Crisco have better things to do than to get stuck on skis (the former being better for eating and the latter being better for throwing in the trash), the MountainFLOW Anti-Stick Spray is the best thing to hit skiing since butter.

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andy (used product a few times)
followed instructions to the letter. i even over-applied in hopes that it would work. used on several pairs of skis of different top-sheet colors and textures, and used several times each pair at different points in the season (super-cold, normal cold, and spring for alaska standards). IT DOES NOT WORK....EVER.
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Emily (used product a few times)
Well, I wrote "used a few times" because I put this on my skins once, last year, and it has performed great ever since. Love the earth? Hate glopping? I highly recommend this! I carry globstopper in my bag, but in writing this review, just realized that I have not used it once since applying this skin wax to my pomoca skins last spring-- and they still did not glop this spring. Works for me!!
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Comment from Skiboyj
How has nobody commented on this write-up yet? 5 stars for the laughs
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Model: Eco-Wax Anti-Stick Spray UPC: 0864095000419

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